Learning in P4B

We are now choosing ‘picky sticks’ each week to allow all children to comment on their learning. Please feel free to comment on our website posts as we can read them in class 🙂

‘We have been adding to our self – portraits using our two stars and a wish. We went to the dance studio so we could look at ourselves in the mirror. We have already created our success criteria for next time so we know what to work on. I enjoyed it because I love to draw’. – Nicole

‘We went outside with hula hoops and chalk and we were drawing clocks. We had to listen to Miss Smillie who would shout a time – we had to run up the hill and put the time on the clock in a race. I found it exciting and fun’. Eva

‘We have been working on our spelling and I liked the dictation because it was nice and quiet so I could really concentrate’. Zahara

‘We have been learning about fact and opinion on Matilda. An example of this would be: Fact – Matilda is intelligent. Opinion – Mr Wormwood suits blonde hair better than brown hair’. Lexi

‘We have solved playground problems during circle time and thought of a list of games which we could all join in with. Some popular ones were – cops and robbers, imagination games and hide and seek’. Connor M.

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