Learning in P4B

‘In handwriting we have been trying really hard to join our letters. I found it a little bit hard but we will keep trying until it becomes easier’ Caitlin E

‘We were doing illustrations like Quentin Blake – we had to draw Miss Trunchbull. We used a compass to draw a circle for our picture and then we wrote adjectives around it to describe the character.’ Eva

‘ I really enjoyed swimming this week because we were learning the breast stroke’. Matthew

‘In swimming went into groups and we used noodles to go on our backs and we had to stick our belly up – keeping our eyes open and head in the water. It was easy and good fun’ Caitlin T

‘We were designing a certificate for community responsibility – keep the cloakrooms tidy. We got to design our own certificate and once we are finished we will select the best bits from a few and put them all together’. Neve

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