Learning in P4B

This week we have been continuing our learning with Harry Potter and have related it to our work in science – creating potions using dissolving, have jelly races and looking at a ‘magical snake’ appearing from the fire.

‘We needed sand and a blowtorch to make a snake rise from the fire with Mr Hogben’ Thomas

‘We were drawing a picture of Harry Potter using the description from the book. He has messy hair, broken glasses and a scar’ Kai

‘ We have been looking at scripts. The person who tells the story is the narrator. I got a certificate for my reading’ Ethan

‘ We have continued grid references with bibs with numbers and letters. I learned how to use a grid reference and we had races to reach a point outside.’ Eli

‘ We have been doing some more music with Conor and Stewart and we have been learning some Scottish Country Dancing with Mr Barrie’ Megan

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