Electricity in p1a

Recently in Science, Primary 1A have been learning about Electricity.

We have been learning; how to use electricity safely, where electricity comes from and how to make an electrical circuit.

Electricity comes from a power station  – Freddie

Don’t use electrical things in the bathroom – Ewan

We drew a picture of electricity – Mia

Electricity can be made from water forces – Steinar

Windmills can make electricity – Ben

Circuits work in circle – Aaron W

We added a switch  to our circuits – Elisabeth

Here are some pictures of our circuits we were making today. We had lots of fun and have really impressed Mrs Denham with our investigation skills.


One thought on “Electricity in p1a”

  1. Alex heard me using the word “circuit” in a different context and told me all about what he’d learned at science. Great work by primary ones!

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