P.1B Newsround

P.1B had a busy few weeks leading up to the half-term break, which included learning about time in Maths (seasons, months and birthdays, days of the week and analogue o’clock times) and learning about why the rainforest is being destroyed- and what we can do about it! We also enjoyed a visit from PC Smith who gave us lots of information about being a policeman, and we used these facts to write a report. Here is what we found out:

Gruffalos: Police put criminals in jail. They have a vest to protect them.

Rainbow Fish: Police put handcuffs on baddies.

Elmers: Police put bad people in handcuffs. Some have guns. They have a radio.

Tigers: Police have guns at airports. They have handcuffs.

The children have been working hard and all deserve a well-earned break. Have a lovely holiday and we’ll see you again on Tuesday 20th February.


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