Senses in P1C!

Yesterday we were learning all about our five senses! We did lots of different activities to explore them! We had so much fun!

Hearing: we had eggs filled with different objects and we had to work out what was inside.

Sight: We had goggles which had been covered with paper and we had to try and write our name without being able to see. We agreed how lucky we were to have our sight.

Taste: We got to taste something sweet, sour, salty and bitter!

Smell: In covered plastic cups we had; Vanilla, cinnamon, garlic, oranges, coffee and lemon juice. We had to work out what the smell was.

Touch: We had a large piece of paper with lots of different materials and objects on it. We had to describe how they felt using our sense of touch!

Have a look at a few photos!

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