Cafe P6 – Tripadvisor review just in – 5 stars

Il y avait beaucoup de monde au café P6 mais le service était très bon. Les clients étaient très contents.

And that was the Tripadvisor review
P6 did an excellent job today with their own French cafe. Serving a traditional menu which included croissants a la confiture ou au fromage and the ever popular pan au chocolat; it was a little piece of France here in East Lothian.
Well done to everyone – especially after a fantastic performance on stage at the Christmas Nativity only minutes before mettre les tabliers. Merci.

3 thoughts on “Cafe P6 – Tripadvisor review just in – 5 stars”

  1. The cafe was fabulous, well done P6 and what a treat to have after the wonderful show. Merci

  2. Merci beaucoup P6 pour le café fabuleux d’aujourd’hui. Le pain au chocolat était délicieux.

  3. The nativity play with such wonderful singing, and not to mention the dancing, along with the French Cafe afterwards, was well worth my five hour round trip.
    Well done everyone

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