P7b’s amazing New Year

Happy New Year!!

Primary 7B have had a great start to the New Year! We started our week reflecting back to 2018 and looking forward into 2019, setting ourselves goals and targets to accomplish.

This week we have also finally launched our new house point system.

“Even though it has taken us a while to create the house points display and organise everything, it has turned out amazingly.” Rebecca.

“A huge thank you to Mr Hogben for making the tubes to keep the counters for our house points in!” Ava

“We are all proud of what we have done!” P7b

With the new term, brings a new topic. This term we are looking at Natural Disasters. We are excited to find out about all of them. We weren’t very sure what they were at first, so we have created lots of questions to explore during the topic.

We have also¬† started to think about how we are going to fundraise this year… we have lots of creative and exciting ideas and cannot wait to take action on them! Watch this space!



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