P4B’S First week back

It may have been the first week back but 4B was already exploring new learning.
RB – We learnt about how Mary Queen of Scots died.
CC – I learnt how to build a cannon.
LH – We learnt how to put a decimal point in the right spot.
KH – We learnt how to change pennies into pounds.
AA – I learnt what a proper noun is.
LD – I learnt what a noun was.
EB – I learnt how to begin to climb a rope.
RP – We began to learn our Scottish poems, The Sair Finger and Mince and Tatties.
The class began there swimming lessons.

Homework – Due Wednesday 23rd.
P4B have the option to learn one of two poems.
The Sair Finger or Mince and Tatties.

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