P2/3 Poetry

This term we are reading and creating our own poems .Today we read the list poem The Wizard’s pocket .We thought about some objects (nouns) that might be in a wizards pocket .Then we thought about interesting adjectives to describe these nouns. Everyone made their own poem and then we chose our best idea to make a class list poem

The Wizards Pocket

1.A pretty sparkly evil rainbow.

2.A sparkly ugly zombie.

3.A gooey hard colourful rainbow.

4.An enormous firing laser shooting eyeball.

5.A gooey green banana.

6.A red pizza.

7.A shiny x-box.

8.A big fluffy dog.

9. A fat fluffy dog.

10.A massive glass of water filled to the top.

11.A  shiny sparkly fluffy scarf

12.A weird spikey unicorn.

13.A chocolate gooey fast walking marshmallow.

14.A soft cute unicorn.

15.A cute fluffy unicorn.

16.A scary puppy made of bones

17.A sparkly fluffy eyeball.

18.A soft fluffy blue zombie.

19.A silly sticky turtle.

20.A scary wonderful rainbow.

21.A tiny puppy sitting in the sun.

by Primary 2/3


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