P.1A Newsround

P.1A had another busy week last week, continuing with our Space topic and watching Neil Armstrong land on the moon! We also learned about features of space-ships and designed our own, ready to be built next week (we will need lots of recycling to do this- plastic bottles, cardboard boxes, toilet rolls etc. so please send in as much as you can). One design stood out from the rest, including such thoughtful additions as garlic bread for the aliens- and even the kitchen sink! You’ll find it below:

We also learned about the story of Jesus feeding the five-thousand,  began learning about half-past times, spent some QT with our Buddies, and lots more. Here are some highlights:

  • I liked having walk a mile with my buddy, and we found Thor’s hammer (from Avengers)!
  • Playing in the sand- with the astronauts and rocket ship.
  • Playing in the sand- playing with the rocket ship.
  • Playing with the little world toys in the Funky Fingers.
  • Seeing my buddy and seeing Mrs Garvie and giving her cuddles- and Mrs Archibald.

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