P3a and P3b Weekly update

We have been discussing as a P3 stage about the problem of litter in the playground and in the school.  Some of the suggestions for improving litter were planning to have a litter patrol to encourage people to put their litter in the bin, to get litter pickers, rubber gloves and bin bags so that we can pick up litter, put posters outside around the astro-

turf to remind people about where to put rubbish and we were are planning to write a letter to Pinkie Parents, Mrs Bonnar, Miss Palmer and Mrs Gordon to ask for more bins.

P3a have made castles for their homework and P3b made some small models of item that could be seen inside a castle.

In maths we have started doing symmetry.  We looked at some flags and we needed to draw lines to show that they were symmetrical and then we made some symmetrical patterns.

We have made castles out of 3D junk material.  We have used cubes, cuboids, cones, pyramids and cylinders. We have also used some 2D shapes like rectangles, squares, triangles and circles.

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