P2/3 Dirleton Castle

Today P2/3 visited Dirleton Castle with P3a and P3b. Last term we had been learning all about castles . Our trip was fantastic and we had lots of fun .Here is what we thought of our visit .

Alex  and Cathy-It was really cool when we saw where the gatehouse used to be and the murder hole to drop things down on the enemy .

Ollie-I liked looking in all the secret areas .

Charlotte Jack  and Jacob- I loved being in the doocot because it was cool as it had lots of spaces for the pigeons.

Mylie-I liked walking up to the castle where the drawbridge used to be.

Zachariah , Zander, Jessica   -I liked it that Andrew our guide wore armour and had a sword.

Poppy -It was fun when we looked in all the different rooms of the castle.

Catelynn -I liked looking at where the Great Hall used to be.

Jackson  ,Holden , Layla and Aaron – Seeing all the castle was good and I liked hearing about all the information from Andrew.

Madison -I liked going round the castle in my group. I am pleased my Mummy came to help.

Belle -I liked having our picture taken with the knight.

Caleb -I liked seeing what the whole castle looked like when we were on the top deck of the bus.

Freya -I liked looking in the dungeons.

Brodie-I liked going on the bus being upstairs at the front with my Mum.

Daisy It was really fun meeting the knight.

Anna -I liked looking at the pictures around the castle that showed what it would have looked like.


A big thank you to our 4 parent helpers Mrs Ross ,Mrs Broadley , Mrs Rintoul and Mrs Scott  who accompanied us today .



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  1. I loved coming along today with P2/3. It was good learning all about the history of the castle and looking at where the kitchen and wash room was. Thank you P2/3 – Louise, Brodie’s mum.

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