P.1A Newsround

Last week P.1 were busy continuing to learn to skip-count, this time in 10s, and got involved planting some bean seeds to learn about the process of germination. We also started creating a poster with our buddies encouraging recycling to help save the rainforests. We also won the prize for best dressed class! Well done us.

We had lots of fun outside with Mr Stone learning about measurement and how to make a set of weighing scales out of a coat hanger, string and plastic cups:

We also said a fond farewell to the P.E. students who had us busy practising our basic moves and running races.

Here are our highlights:

  • I liked planting the seeds.
  • Winning Peter Bear at assembly!
  • Playing with the books and reading.
  • I enjoyed crying and holding Manny!
  • Playing at the home corner.

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