Our Amazing castles!

We collected lots of cardboard boxes to make our castles. We worked in groups of 4 and each group created their own castle. We stuck them together with tape to make the different parts of the castle and then we painted them.

Everyone wanted to take the castles home so to make it fair we decided to have a lucky dip and the winner in each group got to take the castle home.

Our winners were Ollie, Caleb, Catelynn, Jackson ,Zander and Sophie and everyone in the class was very happy for them!

Here are some of our thoughts about our castle creating:

It was fantastic  fun -Mylie

It was fun because we didn’t know what our finished castle would turn out like.-Alex

I have been playing with the castle at home with my lego characters-Ollie

It was really fun working with my team to build the castle.-Aaron

I loved making it because we had to problem solve to decide how we were going to make the different parts. -Anna

I have been trying to build a copy of the castle with my lego -Zander

I have been playing with the castle using my figures at home -Sophie

Sometimes things didn’t work and we needed to be resilient and try a different way-Zachariah

One thought on “Our Amazing castles!”

  1. Great work, P2/3A. Alex has been telling me all about the different parts of a castle. I love the word “crenellations”.

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