P3b Ocean Odyssey

This week we have been learning about the Temperate Zone.  Here are some interesting facts:
  • The water is turquoise-green because of all the plankton.
  • You can’t see the plankton because they are so tiny and you would need to use a microscope.
  • There are lots of different animals in the temperate like jellyfish, basking sharks, King Crabs, squid, lantern fish and cod.
  • The Temperate zone  is swarming with animals because they like to eat all of the plankton and most of our cod, haddock and other fish that we eat in restaurants or buy in shops comes from here.

We have also chose an under the sea animal to research – jellyfish, shark and lantern fish.

We learned that:

  • Jellyfish don’t have brains, they are not fish and they do not eat fish.
  • Jellyfish eat plankton and it has very long tentacles
  • About 100000 jellyfish are in a bloom or a smack (which is a group of jellyfish).
  • Lantern fish 3000 feet below any ocean.
  • Sharks have babies called Shark pups but they need to get away from their mum quickly because their mum will eat them.
  • A shark has more than 1 row of teeth so that if it loses one, it is quickly replaced.



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