P3b Weekly Update

This week we chose our own animal from the tropical zone and then did some note-taking with this.  We did some research on the computers about our animal using Google and the microphone.

We have watched the summer seas and coral reefs about the tropical zone on Blue Planet.  Some things we learned were:

  • The Bumphead Parrot fish eats the dead coral and sand comes out of it’s bottom.
  • The Blackfish swims slowly to make other sea animals think it is not dangerous and then attacks its prey.
  • The white-tip shark hunts at night.  Their body is made so that it can go through small gaps.
  • The Sea Turtle comes to the coral reef to get cleaned and that is the only time that they go there.
  • The Spiky Sea Slug curls up in a ball and rolls away if it is attacked. It is poisonous to all of the other animals.  There is only 1 type of sea slug that can touch it without being poisoned and it is black and yellow..
  • There are Krill that live in and eat yellow coral. When a sea worms come to catch or attack them, the Krill guard the queen by pinching the worm with it’s claws.

We met our P4 teacher (Mr Shields) and created ourselves as a superhero.


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