P.1A Newsround

Last week P.1A were busy learning more about what makes our favourite toys work. We built electrical circuits with switches, lights and motors, and also got to play with magnets to explore the idea of pushing and pulling toys to make them move. Mr Marshall also had a little trip down memory lane courtesy of the homework about parents’ favourite toys- fondly remembering Gloworms, Matchbox cars and He Man action figures! Many thanks for the contributions.

We also did our final auditions for Pinkie’s Got Talent, with Craig and Georgia making it in front of the judges- and congratulations to Georgia who will be performing in front of the school next week! Of course we have all been practising for our class assembly on Thursday 20th June, and are looking forward to telling the school and our parents and carers about our learning this year.

And if all this wasn’t enough, we were also VERY excited to spend a little time with our new teacher for P.2- Mrs Davidson! Phew what a week… and only two more to go!

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