Last week’s learning in P.1A

We had another busy week last week, which started with a voicemail from Sir Firebreath! He challenged us to tell the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears in the right order- which we all managed to do successfully. We also made some craft baby-bears and made our own porridge! We all agreed that we made it ‘just right’.

We also had lots of fun with Mrs Murray at gym, coordinating our bodies in lots of different ways, and enjoyed some ‘Dough Disco’ time as well. We also welcomed Peter Bear into our classroom for being the best dressed class! Our other highlights were:

  • Everything!- Caitlyn
  • I liked playing with the hammer and nails- Parker
  • I loved playing with Rhomey and drawing at the Writing Table- Bonnie
  • I loved playing with the Lego- Ethan
  • Chasing birds outside at break time, and the hammer- Ben

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