Dear parents/ carers

We have had a number of reported cases of Hand, Foot and Mouth and chicken pox in the nursery.

Hand ,Foot and Mouth is a viral infection that can spread very quickly from children to children ,especially in a school or nursery environment.

Small blisters will appear on the hands and feet with ulcers potentially appealing in the mouth.

Children must remain absent from the nursery till all blisters are fully healed.

This on average can be 5-10 days.

Please see the link below for further information


Chicken pox

These are the symptoms that you should be looking out for:

  • high temperature
  • child feeling generally unwell or more upset than normal
  • red spots appearing on the body
  • loss of appetite

Children will be off nursery for around 5 days ,once the spots stop appearing, they crust over and the child is well in themselves.

Please refer to HNS guidelines or to speak to your local pharmacist for more information .


Many thanks

Pinkie St. Peter’s Nursery Team


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