Diary dates in December for the nursery parents!

Dear parents,

Diary dates:

12th of December 2019 (Thursday) Nativity performance

19th of December 2019(Thursday )Christmas party at nursery

We are going to be holding our nativity performance on Thursday    12th of December. AM parents are invited to the gym hall .We are going to start our show at 10.45am. The main office door is going to be open for you 15 min before the start( about 10:30am ).

For the PM parents the nursery gate is going to be open from 2:35pm(only for 10 min.) and we plan to start the show at 2:45pm in our nursery Sunshine room. Try to be on time please, if you do not want to miss  your child’s performance.

Christmas party 19th December

AM children are going to have their party games and food at nursery from 9:30am. At 10:30 am we are going to be waiting for a “special visitor” in the dining hall .All  parents are welcome to join us! Please enter school through the main door from 10:20 am and go straight to the dining hall.

PM children are going to be waiting for Santa at nursery from 2:45pm. All parents welcome to come 10 min before” our special guest” arrives.

All information is going to be written  on the white board at nursery.

You can practice with your child some songs for the nativity performance. We are singing:

” Here we go up to Bethlehem”

“Knock, knock at the door”

“Away in a manger”

” Twinkle twinkle little star”







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