Last week’s learning in P.1A

P.1A had a short but busy first week of 2020! Thankfully everyone seemed pleased to be back, and demonstrated that nothing has been forgotten over the holidays. Everybody showed super effort and achievement in their Literacy and Numeracy activities.

We also looked at and evaluated our PLP targets from October, so you will find updated Google Classrooms that are ready for our Term 3 targets.

On Friday we spent some time with our buddies making snowflakes, and our buddies showed us how to use rulers and protractors to measure angles. Here are some snaps of our hard work!

Here are our highlights:

I liked playing sharks with the parachute- Parker
Making snowflakes at the craft table with Rhomey- Olivia
Everything!- Leah
Playing at the water and at the board with Olivia. I also liked reading books at the library and drawing at the table- April
Everything!- Rhomey

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