P4B’s Last Two Weeks of Learning

In the last two weeks P4B have been busy atĀ  work

We have been learning about Mary Queen of Scots early life and why she moved to France to live. We pretended to be Mary Queen of Scots and wrote a diary entry. We also practised our times tables.

This week we developed learning how to measure liquids by making potions. We worked on developing our typing skills by trying to use the right fingers to accurately and quickly type. In P.E, we continued to develop our basketball dribbling skills. We learn’t that the Pope lived in the Vatican City and is in charge of the Catholic church.

We would love you to come along to see a flavour of our current Literacy work on Tuesday at 2.45pm. Unfortunately, we can only invite one adult per child to the classroom to accommodate space limitations.

JustĀ  a wee reminder that Our P.E. day this term is on a Friday, can we please ensure that everyone has P.E. kits and indoors shoes. Some of us have forgotten to bring them back after the Christmas holidays.

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