Last week’s learning in P.1A

It was a short but busy (and exciting!) week for P.1A, as we carried home from Assembly not only the Wonderful Walking caterpillar but also Peter Bear for being the best dressed class!

Beyond our regular maths and literacy learning we also started thinking about types of transportation as part of our ‘Where We Live’ topic. We discussed different modes and means of transport that we had experienced, and did a sorting activity to show our understanding. We then did some fantastic writing about a journey we had taken and described what it was like.

We also had fun in gym playing games like ‘dirty laundry’ and ‘Bens and Glens’ with P.1C. Here are our highlights:

  • I liked reading in the library
  • Drawing fairies and everything. And writing
  • Playing and drawing
  • Gym- playing the socks game!
  • Everything- playing in the sand

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