Monkey Snacks

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Here are 3 ideas for making a Monkey Snack.If you make one or can think of another wild animal snack, please take a photograph and post it on Twitter! Or you could leave your ideas in the Comments Box below 😀

The first one is an oatcake face, Cheerios or similar for ears, raisins for eyes and a slice of banana with a piece of pretzel  smile. Or maybe try a mouth-shaped bit of fruit or see what you can think of instead! (I bought my pretzels, raisins and crackers in Poundland on the High Street🙂)

The second one is a round piece of toast with jam or spread on his face, banana ears, banana and raisin eyes and raisins for his nose.

The last one is one big cracker (with peanut butter if you’re allowed), raisins (or chocolate drops) for eyes and 3 small crackers for his mouth and ears.   I made mine with a pancake face and banana slices for ears and mouth and raisins for eyes!

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