Monday 1st June 2020 Are You A Sun Safe Superstar?

Listen to the story about ‘George the Sun Safe SUPERSTAR!’ and then…… get ready for a challenge!!!!!

Can you answer these questions?

Let us know  if you can. Tell us on Twitter or in the Comments Box below.

1/  When the sun is at its hottest is your shadow longer or shorter than you?

2/ Where can you find shade when you are outdoors?

3/ Do you know what time the sun is at its hottest?

4/ Can you remember the 5  SSSSSs?

5/ Do you know the type of sunlight that is not good for our skin?

6/ What 2 parts of our body is it important to cover up in the sunshine?

7/ What can the sun do to our skin if we don’t protect it?

8/ What should you SLIP, SLOP and SLAP on your body when the sun is hot?


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