World Oceans Day 2020 8th June

It’s World Oceans day today! What does this mean and why is it important? Well, it’s a chance for us to learn about oceans and why we need to look after them and keep them clean and healthy.  Here is an interesting video to start us off……

The more ‘Did You Know’ facts we share with one another- the more we will know about the oceans in the world. Then we can take care of them and all the ocean’s living things.

Did you know …. nearly all of the planet Earth’s water is in the oceans?

Did you know….the oceans take away a lot of the bad stuff in the air we breathe and make our world a better place to live?

Did you know…..lots and lots and lots of people all over over the world get their good protein food  (like fish) from the oceans?

Did you know…. nearly half of the oceans in our world are being badly treated by people doing things like throwing away their rubbish in the wrong places and it ends up in the sea?

Did you know… one day, if people in the whole wide world do not stop letting rubbish end up in the sea, there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean?

Let’s do all we can to look after our oceans.


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