Get your Teddy Ready, it’s Picnic Time


Since we can’t be at nursery together we thought you might like to have a picnic with your family at home on Wednesday 24th June. The nursery team will be having their picnic and will share their photos with you on Twitter and here on the blog.


You will need to think about what you are going to eat at your picnic. The story ‘Alone in the Woods’ by Ian Beck is about Teddy Bears having a picnic in the woods and they have lots of lovely things to eat. What will you eat at your picnic at home?



Why not play some Teddy Counting games. Click the link to play the game.

Teddy Bear Counting

Or sing a song about Teddy Bears.

Whatever you decide to do for your Teddy Bears Picnic, don’t forget to post a photo on Twitter or comment here on the blog.

Have Fun everyone! Looking forward to seeing your fab photos or videos.

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