P.1A’s Learning Update

Last week P.1a were missing lots of faces, but it didn’t stop us learning loads and having an adventure! On our ‘bear hunt’ into the Pinkie woods (as part of our ‘Big Book of Stories’ IDL topic) we discovered lots of fantastic describing words (we call them WOW Words) and this helped us to create and describe our very own story scenes.

We also learned the sounds ‘m’ and ‘a’, practised our handwriting, played lots of games in P.E., and learned the names of 2D shapes. We also had a great time trying out the Loose Parts Play in our playground, and built lots of wonderfully imaginative things!

Here are some of our highlights:

  • I liked playing with the football
  • I painted colourful things
  • Playing with food in the kitchen
  • Playing with the loose parts play, and making a catapult
  • I enjoyed going on a bear hunt, when we went past the cave and it looked like a real cave