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P6A Assembly

P6A shared their learning about World Book Day in assembly this week.  We had found out about different genres of writing and came up with different ways of presenting them.  We had a drama, a quiz, some interviews and a couple of songs!  The class were amazing!  Well done!

Some of the class were a bit disappointed that it was over.  (Mr Dove wasn’t).

P6A Literacy

This week P6A have been doing persuasive writing and we had a debate about if beavers should come back to Scotland or not.

We had to write paragraphs about our debates and Liam was the chairman. The debate made some people change their minds about the beavers.  The class was split in half one side with the beavers one side not with the beavers.


P6A Outdoor Learning

In outdoor learning P6A have been doing shapes. They were matching 3D shapes with their nets and properties. Afterwards, they made  a jigsaw puzzle of a map. Mr Stone was very impressed with P6A’s 3D shape knowledge. Afterwards we played a cone game that was supposed to take 5 minutes but took 30 minutes because we were doing amazingly!  Great teamwork P6A!

AR and MH

P6A Terrific Teachers

P6a have started a thing called terrific teachers where we pick out name from the lollypop sticks and the person who is picked out is going to teach Mr Dove something that Mr Dove can’t do.  So far Mr Dove learned tap dance with Kaira, Russian, cheerleading, rainbow flick and karate! Here are some pictures of our terrific teachers!

KG and KS