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P7 Engineering Challenge

P7A and P7B were visited by Tom Reynolds, a structural engineer from the University of Edinburgh, to talk to them about engineering and creating structures out of natural materials.  He talked about the importance of engineering and how he is researching the use of bamboo in buildings, to make them strong, light and resistant to damage in natural disasters.  We were then given the challenge to build our own structures using very simple bamboo elements.

P7 will be practising their engineering skills over the next few weeks by entering the Scottish Engineering Young Leaders Award.

P7A Scottish Art

P7A have been exploring colour mixing and making shades and hues using watercolours. We used these skills to design and create their versions of Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s rose. The roses were different saheds of the same colour and the rest of the design used colour mixing skills to create interesting, vibrant colours.

P7A Snow Day Challenge


Can you use your bridge-building skills to create a bridge using snow. How long can you make it? What is stopping it getting longer? What could you do to improve it? Take photos if you can!


Write a Kennings poem about a snow storm. Here are a couple of lines to start you off:

Sky darkener

Icy blaster


Write a sum (adding, subtracting, multiplying) using decimals in the snow. Use a snowball to make the decimal point!


Do some more of your Scottish Inventors project on Google Slides.

Debating the Issues

P7A have been learning about the Scottish Parliament as part of their Scotland topic.  We have found out the powers that the Scottish Parliament has, how MSPs are elected and how new laws are made.  We looked at the debating chamber in the Parliament building and at the structure of a debate.

We then carried out our own debate.  We researched the issues surrounding the re-introduction of beavers to the wild in Scotland, looking at the pros and cons.  Then we held a debate after we had selected a Presiding Officer.  The class voted and since it was a draw, the Presiding Officer had the deciding vote.  We decided that beavers shouldn’t be re-released. (We then later found out that the real vote had happened in 2016 and the beavers were allowed to be re-introduced….)