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P6B – Internet safety week

This week P6B have been learning about internet safety, as this week is internet safety week. We have been checking what sites could be risky, such as ones without the https at the top or how they’re asking for personal information. Did you know that the S in https stands for secure? We also learned about information about our self  that’s safe to share or unsafe to share. Here are some games that we played that we think you should try.

What P6B have done this week.

This week P6B had their last P.E lesson with Mr Barrie. 🙁

P6B have also done Mandarin. They have learned the story about how the Chinese symbolic years got there names. Their are  two animals for 2008 and 2009. The 2008 animal was a rat and the 2009 was an ox .

In art P6B have been doing roses in the style of Mackintosh. We also made a group portrait of Robert Burns.

P6b Science

In science we were making circuits . We added switches and buzzers to make Morse code messages. We also made circuits with motors in them to make propellers spin.

Today we used the propellers to make wind power generators – we used a fan to turn the propellers and make electricity.

Aaron and Annabel