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P6A Outdoor Learning

In outdoor learning P6A have been doing shapes. They were matching 3D shapes with their nets and properties. Afterwards, they made  a jigsaw puzzle of a map. Mr Stone was very impressed with P6A’s 3D shape knowledge. Afterwards we played a cone game that was supposed to take 5 minutes but took 30 minutes because we were doing amazingly!  Great teamwork P6A!

AR and MH

P6A Terrific Teachers

P6a have started a thing called terrific teachers where we pick out name from the lollypop sticks and the person who is picked out is going to teach Mr Dove something that Mr Dove can’t do.  So far Mr Dove learned tap dance with Kaira, Russian, cheerleading, rainbow flick and karate! Here are some pictures of our terrific teachers!

KG and KS

Basketball – P6a

In P.E. P6a have been doing basketball and learning all the skills to play basketball.  We have been learning what not to do in basketball like double dribbling and traveling.  Some of us has also  been playing basketball on Wednesday at lunch and playing matches against the other teams and each week someone gets chosen to be the team leader.  Some people are better at doing stuff than others like dribbling  and shooting so the teams have to plan who they want to do what so it relies on  strategy and skill.

Christmas Maths

P6A have been learning about shape and have put their skills to the test today.  Their challenge was to build an icosahedron (20 sided shape!) out of equilateral triangles.  It was tricky, but good teamwork and careful sticking meant that we ended up with some amazing shapes that will look great on a Christmas tree.