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News4U Episode 4 – the pod to make you smile


This week we have a fantastic chat with our new African friends . Thomas and Adi plus an update to a poster competition . You will definitely be smiling by the end of this News4U.

It is worth pointing out to everyone that News4U is really a team effort from recording to photographer to speaking to writing to ‘clickety click the computer’ – everyone joins in and helps. If you liked what you heard; then the News4U crew would appreciate a little positive feedback. Thanks for listening and see you next week.

News4U Episode 2 – New Pupils

Welcome back to News4U, this week we talk to a number of new pupils; Kuba, Pola and Jordon.

Every year a new group of P7 pupils take over in the Pod. Over the year, we learn new skills in terms of learning how to use recording equipment, how to conduct interviews and narrate the episodes. It’s a learning process. We start with simple stuff and build up. This year is no exception. Week by week our podcasts will get better.So enjoy this week’s and stay tuned.