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News4U Episode 17 – Mr Smith says good bye

This is the last podcast which will include Mr Smith and we thought we would ask him some hard questions. So, here goes.

The video above was shot by the award winning JET Productions and includes Mr Smith’s message to all the pupils, support staff , staff and everyone associated with Pinkie St Peter’s Primary School. Mr Smith said “It’s been a real pleasure, over 4 years, to be working with such talented people, young and old.”

P6B Garden Update

Our friends at the Paint Shed heard we wanted some pallets for a new compost bin. We have been clearing up so much, the old ones were full. Paul came around and dropped off some pallets and we did the rest, working as a team to move them into the garden. We took some photos so you can see. Our next job is to make the pallets into a square shape.
Thanks to everyone at the Paint Shed!

“Nurture means”

Recently Mrs Bonnar asked the Pod if they could help out by making a film about what nurture means. As you can imagine, we got all the various superstars from around Pinkie to take part; in front of the camera and behind it. This is the result. We hope you enjoy it and can spot everyone you know in it! It was a team effort and was a lot of fun to make. And Leo is a fantastic roving reporter says Mr Smith.