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News4U Episode 11

Behind the scenes with News4U

This week we are talking Scots and ‘Your Voice, Your Choice’. We hope you enjoy our list of words. How many do you know ? Do you have a favourite one we missed?
We also went to the Brunton to hear about a new project for the school; ‘Your Voice, Your Choice.’ We could be winning some money for the school. There is some exciting news about this in this week’s News4U. But you have to listen right to the end.


News4U – Episode 10 The Christmas One

The actor interview

The whole school seems to be rehearsing for a variety of different plays, show and ‘productions’. The News4U crew went out to interview actors. We also provide a very useful guide to all the information about parties and other activities. This week’s pod is produced again by the very able Katie with her assistants, Eve and Edmee.
Can we also make another appeal for spare Lego to help P3a build a life size castle…please help.
Also we would like to remind everyone about the food bank donations. Thanks.

The pod is taking a break for a couple of weeks. Thanks again for listening. If you like it, please tell us and others.

News4U Episode 9

The Lego Appeal

This week we talk to Mariyah and Faith from Miss Christie’s class about the Lego castle they want to build. They will need your help in getting as much Lego as possible in order to build a life sized castle. You will also hear the surprise as the News4U interviewers find out where this new castle will be constructed.

The Food Bank Appeal

We also interviewed Mrs Garvey about the Musselburgh Basics Bank , a food bank, which is run in partnership with Edinburgh City Mission. As a school and a community we are going to try and help them this Christmas. Listen to the report by Demi and Eva for details and also how to get in touch for more information.

( Note from the Pod…it might interest some listeners to know that this week’s podcast was produced by Katie. This means she ensured different pupils were writers, recorders and presenters. She allocated the interviewers too. Everyone played a vital part. Brilliantly.)