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News4U Episode 17 – An Enormous Easter Egg

This week we had a special treat as we interviewed Mrs Di Rollo about the enormous Easter Egg which is in her shop window. It’s not for sale but it’s in a raffle for a good cause. Mr Smith has bought a ticket and promises to share it with everyone if he wins!

And for all you culture vultures out there; we have an update on ‘what’s hot and what’s not’.

We will be on holiday for a couple of weeks – so enjoy the break and we will see you when we are back.

Blooming success with the green fingers of P2b

If you were passing the Royal Botanic Gardens on 24 or 25 March and had popped into the John Hope Gateway which hosts the Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society’s ‘Schools’ Spring Bulb Competition – you’d have had a bit of a surprise! A Gold Award for some very clever P2b gardeners! Well done to Fallyn, Jessica, Milo, Maia, Martha and Aiden S. With Heather’s help, they planted some dwarf daffodil bulbs called ‘minnow’ back in October 2017. Now you can see the fantastic display that the judges liked so much.

Thanks again to Heather for all her help in making our fingers green.

News4U Episode 15

This week’s News4U is all about a visit to meet the digital ninjas of Ormiston Primary School, the ‘Your Choice Your Voice ‘ competition and the first East Lothian Youth Summit. This is our first podcast since we were all covered in snow and we have had to do a bit of catching up. We hope you did not miss us too much.
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This is what success looks like

( This is a snow day long read.)
Last night at the Brunton, the Pinkie team turned up with a fully featured model of ‘the Enchanted Garden’, our musicians and Mrs Ogden. In an exciting two plus hours, we sang, handed out flyers, explained QR codes and showed everyone our dream. After the packed audience voted, we were invited on to the stage as the first group to have been awarded £2000 – the first winners of the night.
It was a great team effort that started a while back.

A plan takes shape

We started with a design sketched on a white board. A physical model could explain our ideas, so we built one. We knew we had two minutes to ‘sell’ the idea to a packed audience who would vote. We wrote a song and taught it to Connor and Stewart. On the night, we sang it and rocked the house.

and the singers sang the song

You know sometimes you see ‘children’s work’ and you can see the hand of an adult ? Trust me, this whole exercise was handled from soup to nuts by the Pod. From the original meeting with the Your Voice Your Choice team at the Brunton earlier this year, the whole school survey of three ideas, the design and build of the eventual model through to the successful team bid last night; the pupils have been driving this. The team have demonstrated project management skills, design talents, resource planning, performance skills and those all important soft skills of communication and team work.

Our flyer

For anyone worrying these pupils have been neglecting the 3 ‘R’ s; you don’t build a model with scale size books, a perimeter wall and transport it by car without doing a lot measuring, calculating and maths. And you need to do a lot of reading when researching the correct shrub for the Maze/Fairy Trail. Hint: box is better than beech – ask us why. And we all used Google Docs to write our individual contributions to the blog,which was on the school website, which was on the QR Code, which was on the flyer which was handed out to everyone who could vote at the Brunton last night. Smart thinking. Everyone, yes all 12 – count’em, worked together very well and represented themselves and the school like the stars they are.

now to build it…