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New Year’s Resolutions – News4U Episode 10

Well, welcome back to News4U. This is the time of year when many  decide to do something new or make a personal objective for the new year. We spent a little bit of time interviewing all sorts of people about what they were hoping to do in 2019. There are some amazing resolutions and if you have something to share then please use the comments to let us know what you are up for.

The last News4U of 2018

This week is the last News4U podcast of the year. It is our Christmas Special and we have a report from the P6 French Cafe. So we have some jokes and some interviews with the customers of the cafe. You should be smiling by the end of this week’s News4U.

If you listened and liked it – please tell us – this is all our own work and we appreciate your positive comments.

Cafe P6 – Tripadvisor review just in – 5 stars

Il y avait beaucoup de monde au café P6 mais le service était très bon. Les clients étaient très contents.

And that was the Tripadvisor review
P6 did an excellent job today with their own French cafe. Serving a traditional menu which included croissants a la confiture ou au fromage and the ever popular pan au chocolat; it was a little piece of France here in East Lothian.
Well done to everyone – especially after a fantastic performance on stage at the Christmas Nativity only minutes before mettre les tabliers. Merci.