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News4U Episode 14 – New PE Teacher and some Dutch visitors

Mr Dougal – Mr PE
Lisa, Wietske, Lida, Zoe ( L-R ) – our Dutch Visitors

This week we welcome our new PE teacher, Mr Dougal and all some Dutch students who came to visit our school.

We are also excited to say that we finished a film about ‘Nurture’ for a big gathering of teachers.  As usual, it was a great team effort. From writing the script, filming it and talking in front of the camera, the Pod were pretty good. But, we’ll show you that later; here’s this week’s News4U.

Have a good break.

News4U – Episode 13 – Farewell to Ms Watson and Mr Barry

This week we interview and say goodbye to two important people.

Calum Carter of P6b wrote;

“Nice things to say about Mr Barry and Ms Watson:

Ms Watson- Ms Watson was P6B’s first ever teacher. We have all enjoyed her being here and spreading joy to everyone. She always made everything as fun as can be and she will be missed by everyone.
Mr Barry was an amazing P.E teacher everybody is going to miss the best P.E teacher we have all had a good time with him he has been the very best P.E teacher we have ever had he has made gym really fun so a very big thank you to Mr Barry and Ms Watson love and kisses the P6 and P7 pod and please don’t forget forget us so thank you.”

News4U Episode 12 – News from around the school

This week’s pod is all about more news from around the school –  castles, poems and a bench that needs painting.

Please listen to be amazed and also if you can help with our bench. If you have some left over paint in any one of the rainbow colours ( and you all know the colours of the rainbow, don’t you? )  – please get in touch.

Enjoy this week’s News4U – the script, the interviews and the recording are all done by the Pod pupils who meet at lunch time.  It is very impressive.

The garden takes shape…our first Tuesday


Yesterday, P6B started working in the secret garden. There were lots of jobs. Working with Heather and Mr Smith, they weeded, cleared up rubbish and started the spring clean. Each Tuesday for the next wee while, they will be continuing to work hard to get things ready for the construction of the Enchanted Garden. We would welcome any adult family helpers. There are lots of jobs where adults could help; weeding, digging and generally helping the children with some jobs. Please feel free to come along and drop in- we plan to be in the garden in small groups all morning. It is probably wise to bring some gardening gloves and we look forward to seeing you.

We also have some specific needs. In clearing  up, there is a lot of material that could be composted.  We need some pallets to build a bigger compost heap. Also, there is a lot of rubble bags that should be uplifted to the appropriate council site. If you could help with these items; please get in touch by email.

Thanks again for your help and support.