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Books4U – a new podcast

Hello everyone,
Everyone was so excited about reading and books last week during Literacy Week, we have decided to see if we can do a weekly podcast about reading and books. It’s something we are going to try and see if it is popular. These week we have Syed, Megan, Lana and Josh talking about favourite books, writers and even libraries. Let us know what you think! We want your thoughts and ideas.

Characters and Assembly – World Book Day

Lots of different characters from books came to Pinkie on World Book Day, from wizards to Mr Bump. The classrooms were full of colourful costumes. In the afternoon, there was an assembly where we talked about ¬†reading and writing. We also got a chance to see how everyone else dressed up from the Nursery to P7. It was a very full day and we made a very long slide show ( 15 minutes long!) to ¬†showcase everyone’s efforts! Hope you enjoy it!

News4U Episode 8


This week we talk basketball, books and choirs with this special guest. You’ll hear a very new description of the sport of basketball. You will also hear from a wide range of pupils who dressed up for World Book Day. And finally, did a vampire tell our guest to start the Musselburgh Primary Schools’ Community Choir? Listen and find out in this week’s News4U.