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February Learning

What have we been learning about in February.

With Mary Queen of Scots, we learnt about her life in France and where she married the Daulphin of France.

In French we have began to learn our words for members of our family, Une Soeur (Sister) and Un Frere (Brother).

In Numeracy, we have been focusing on our times tables and in Maths we have been looking at the name and prosperities of 3D shapes.

Our Learning This Week.

This week we learnt a number of interesting things .

We learnt about 3D shapes, I learnt Toblerone tube is a triangular prism. I learnt the difference between 2D and 3D shapes.

In RME, we learn’t the Pope is the head of the Catholic church and he was born in Argentina.

We went to an athletics festival, we did a lot of different activities we hadn’t done before like long jump and relays

In art and to do with Mary Queen of Scots, we drew a picture of a young Mary when she lived in France.  She had four friends with her all called Mary. (That must have been complicated.) Mary Seaton, Mary Beaton (they rhyme), Mary Livingston and Mary Fleming.

We also learnt Roman Numerals, they used letters instead of numbers. Here are a few I is a 1, V is used for a 5 and X is 10. Most of us are VIII.

Have a great February break.

P4B January Learning

In Numeracy we have been working on our timestables.
In Science we looked at upgrading our canons and how a using weights a draw bridge works.

In P.E. we developed our balance with headstands. We have been enjoying our swimming lessons.

We have been learning more about Mary Queen of Scots. We learnt what treason was and we decoded a secret message, sent by Mary. We also made wanted posters with Mary Queen of Scots face on the posters. Mary Queen of Scots was born on the 8th of December 1542. She was 6 days old when she became Queen of Scots. In Music, we have been creating a story about Mary.

P4B’S First week back

It may have been the first week back but 4B was already exploring new learning.
RB – We learnt about how Mary Queen of Scots died.
CC – I learnt how to build a cannon.
LH – We learnt how to put a decimal point in the right spot.
KH – We learnt how to change pennies into pounds.
AA – I learnt what a proper noun is.
LD – I learnt what a noun was.
EB – I learnt how to begin to climb a rope.
RP – We began to learn our Scottish poems, The Sair Finger and Mince and Tatties.
The class began there swimming lessons.

Homework – Due Wednesday 23rd.
P4B have the option to learn one of two poems.
The Sair Finger or Mince and Tatties.