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P4B’s First Week

Our First Week in P4B.

I like that we earned the Hugo Cushion for being best class in Assembly. WELL DONE P4B!!!

I like our meet and greets in the morning.

I enjoyed making our class rainbow.

I enjoyed our circle time games.

I enjoyed playing stun ball in P.E.

I have enjoyed reading my new book.

I have enjoyed seeing my friends again.

I liked creating our new class jobs.

What did P4Bs week look like.

We have been learning about the Artic and Antarctic Ocean, and the animals that live there.

We learnt that Polar bears and penguins never meet in the wild.  

We have been learning how to use Google Slides.

In Science we made circler winged aeroplanes.

We got to meet our new teacher, Mrs Samson.

I have been extending my writing using my imagination. My story was about a hot air balloon race that went around the world.

Our learning this week in P4B

I learnt about the animals that live in reefs.

I create a bar graph of our favourite sea creatures

I really enjoyed our rugby taster.

We have been looking at how to measure the capacity of an object using water.

We learnt how to paint waves.

We have been looking at pizza fractions.

70% of our planet is covered in water.

The land is split into continents there are 7.

The water is split into oceans there are 5.

We would also like to ask, if you have any recyclable waste if P4B could have it, we would love to make some art out of it.

February Learning

What have we been learning about in February.

With Mary Queen of Scots, we learnt about her life in France and where she married the Daulphin of France.

In French we have began to learn our words for members of our family, Une Soeur (Sister) and Un Frere (Brother).

In Numeracy, we have been focusing on our times tables and in Maths we have been looking at the name and prosperities of 3D shapes.