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Electricity in p1a

Recently in Science, Primary 1A have been learning about Electricity.

We have been learning; how to use electricity safely, where electricity comes from and how to make an electrical circuit.

Electricity comes from a power station  – Freddie

Don’t use electrical things in the bathroom – Ewan

We drew a picture of electricity – Mia

Electricity can be made from water forces – Steinar

Windmills can make electricity – Ben

Circuits work in circle – Aaron W

We added a switch  to our circuits – Elisabeth

Here are some pictures of our circuits we were making today. We had lots of fun and have really impressed Mrs Denham with our investigation skills.


This week in P1A

We have had another busy week in Primary 1a.


‘We have been learning our new sounds.’ Madison

‘Our new sounds are y and z.’ Freddie

‘We learn our superpower words.’ Troi

‘Our new words are put and his.’ Aaron W

‘We’ve been reading our books with words and letters.’ Mia

Numeracy and Maths;

‘We put the numbers in order for the pirate.’ Bailey

‘We added numbers to colour the path.’ Jackson

We have also spent a lot of time learning our songs in preparation for our Nativity next week.

‘We have been practising our Nativity songs.’ Alex

‘My favourite song is Hey Shepherds.’ Jack

We hope that everyone that comes to see our Nativity Performance next week really enjoys the show. We have worked really hard to learn the songs and are rehearsed and ready for SHOWTIME!

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Denham and Primary 1A




Buddy was left with us on Monday. Santa left a letter to explain that he is a mischievous elf and he hoped the boys and girls would be able to show Buddy how to behave responsibly and how to be a good friend.

We’ve had an eventful week with Buddy;

‘He’s been painting and a little bit naughty with our letters.’ Ben

‘He’s playing with our toys.’ Elisabeth

‘He mixed up our playdough!’ Madison

‘He was using our tinsel as a zip wire.’ Sonnie

As he continues to watch us in our classroom, acting sensibly, playing, sharing and working hard, he will learn how to be just as responsible as we are…we hope!

Have a lovely weekend 🙂


The children in Primary 1 have had the most exciting afternoon. When we arrived back from lunch, this cheeky little elf had been causing mischief in our classrooms. His name is Buddy.  Santa has left him with us in the hope that he learns how to be responsible and kind. He hasn’t had the best start – muddling up the playdough is something we don’t do in school but we’re hoping that with the great examples we can set that he will soon learn how to be the model elf that Santa needs him to be.

Keep checking for Buddy updates…we’re hoping tomorrow is the start of a new, responsible Buddy.