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Christmas Show P3a

Yesterday we finished our class novel – The Enchanted Wood! We really enjoyed it.  We based our Christmas show on the story, using some of the ideas from the book. We created ‘The Land of Christmas’ and performed our little show to Parents and carers.  We also sang some Christmas songs  – It was good fun and we all enjoyed it!

We are in the Christmas spirit now! Today we wore Christmassy accessories and jumpers too!

P3a and Miss Christie

A busy week in P3a

This week we have had lots going on!

Our week started with a Karate taster session! It was brilliant! We really enjoyed it!

We also went on a woodland walk, to see what we could find. With a partner we filled out a sense plan of things we could hear, see, touch, smell and taste. It was good fun! We are using what we have found to create a setting for our imaginative story in the woods with lots of description!

We will share some next week when we have completed them!

In the ‘Enchanted Wood’ we met a new character- Silky the Fairy, so we decided to make our own fairies using pipe cleaners, felt and wool! We will post some pictures of them when we are finished!

Here are some photos from our woodland walk and Karate!

P3a and Miss Christie


This week in P3a

Our topic this term is ‘The woodlands’ and we are reading the Enchanted Wood by Enid Blyton.

We think it is fantastic so far, because we have been introduced to an Elf and he asked us to join us on his adventures in the magical wood. We wrote sentences including different openers and connectives to persuade him to let us join him.

Here are some across the class that we wrote;

“I would like to find out about all the animals and elves in the woods.” -Taylor

“I am excited to join the adventure, because it might be fabulous. ” – Ruby

“If I discover a magical tree I will be happy and also excited!” – Faith

“I would like to go to the woods because I would be able to help the elves on the adventure.” – Amy

“Next week I would like to come to the enchanted woods, also to see the animals in there too.” – Kayla

We want to find out the name of the elf that sent the letter to us to ask us to join him on the magical adventures.

Next week we are hoping to explore the woods in the grounds of the school! It will be so good if we get to do that.

P3a & Miss Christie


Term 1 in P3a!

This term has been really busy!

We have loved our topic of chocolate and reading our class novel – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory which we finished this week!

Miss Christie asked us what we thought of the book and Kayla responded saying

“It has been fantastic!”

We really have loved it! The ending was great when Charlie got the factory from Mr Wonka and we also found lots of parts funny! Especially when Violet turned into a giant blueberry!

We received a letter from Mr Wonka telling us he was planning on closing his factory. We didn’t want that to happen so we decided to write him a letter to try and persuade him not to.  We have written lots of other persuasive letters too and created posters.

As an end of term treat we joined up with our Buddies P5a and Mr Drysdale to make chocolate covered apples with sprinkles. It was god fun and we got to eat them too! Yummy!

Have a fantastic holiday!

P3a and Miss Christie