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P7 Funfilled end of year trip!

Our trip to Fox Lake today was amazing, incredible, ultra fun and fantastic… just to pick a few words!

The sun was shining which added to all the fun we had!!

P7 were absolutely fantastic #proudtobepinkie

‘The best moment was when we fell off the ringo ride.’ Rebecca

‘It was funny when Rhys fell off the ringo and I had to pull him back on. ‘ Leo

‘The best bit was persuading Chloe to come on the ringo because she was scared at first.’ Hannah R

‘The picnic was brilliant! Especially the lemons and limes!’ Craig

‘The best part was at the zip line of the rope course, when I attempted to hang upside down I fell flat on my back into the water.’ Abbie

“I hope there isn’t a frog in my bag now – we spotted a few around the water.’ Hadyn

‘Rebecca, Abby and I fell off the ringo and couldn’t get back up, it was so funny.’ Amber

‘My favourite part was when I fell in the water, off the ringo. Hadyn and Rebecca tried to pull me up by my feet, but my shoes fell off and started to sink!’ Ava

‘My favourite part was when I fell off the fox fall course too early but I managed to get back round to the zip line and do a backflip.’ Josh

‘At the ringo while we were at full speed, Sami fell off and the speed boat had to go get him.’ Gurshaan

‘My favourite moment was on the ringo, Callum jumped off with a superman dive.’ Aidan

‘The best part was on the ringo, me, Callum and Aidan nearly fell off.’ Ryan

Overall, it was a brilliant trip! We hope to go back one day and have more fun! Miss Palmer even found a 4 leaf clover!! How lucky!

There are lots of videos that we will try and upload so you can see the fun that we had!

P7b this week

This week, P7 have been reflecting on our time at Pinkie and reliving memories. We created film roll strips to summarise our special memories using emojis.

We have been thinking about our leavers assembly too . We have written our very own leavers song using a popular song in the charts, some of us did  get a little emotional as we thought about the good times we have had here at Pinkie!

We are looking forward to our tough mudder event next week and our transition visit to MGS.

*Parents & carers, there have been important letters issued today regarding upcoming events over the next couple of weeks. Information about the transition will given on Monday.

Have a great weekend!

Outdoor adventure day for P7!

Yesterday, Primary 7 spent a very rainy day exploring the outdoors at Tyninghame. Everyone got stuck in and worked as a team to build shelters & hammocks to set up camp. We foraged in the woods, explored the beach and splashed in lots of puddles.

Everyone listened well and followed the school values. We had lots of fun! #proudtobepinkie

This week in P7b

Our week has been jam packed and fun!

We have chosen the topic of Film making and movies this term – we are really excited to find out how to create a film. We have started to create some animations on the Chrome Books. We took lots of photos of images, items, gradually making little changes to them. Miss Christie was really impressed with all the creative ideas from everyone. We had to take 12 to make 1 second of an animation. We then adapted the speed of moving through the photos to create the animations. We have saved them on our google classrooms (ask us to show you at home!)

“Some of the animations we created looked cool and amazing!” Amber & Ebony.

On Thursday we visited MGS – we got to go to the science department. We had the job of working out a crime that had been committed. To do this we had to do lots of forensic experiments. Some of the experiments we did included using a Bunsen burner and different types of chemicals. It was really interesting and fun!Some of the experiments could have been dangerous if we did not behave in a safe way.  We wore safety goggles to protect our eyes and if we had long hair we had to tie it back.

We hope to have another amazing week next week!

Have a good weekend everyone!

P7B 🙂