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Bridge Building in P7b

We have been exploring the design process this week through a bridge building challenge..

First we explored bridge structures and designs to help us create our own. Then we shared our individual designs and worked in teams to build a bridge that would be strong using a limited amount of resources and a budget.

It was a challenge, we had to really think about how we could design and build our bridge to make it strong.

We had to use our growth mindset to keep going! The team work was brilliant!

High fives were spotted and lots of encouragement was being given to our other team members.

Next week we are going to test them… Which group will be the WINNER?!

A busy week in P7b

We have has a busy week!

We took part in a Modern Languages transition event at Musselburgh Grammar School on Tuesday, it was great to meet new people and learn new languages such as Spanish and German and find out about some of the culture.

World Book day was fun, everyone put in lots of effort and looked great! Check out some of our costumes…

We have also been thinking about Global Warming and the impact it is having on our planet and linked this with our discursive writing! We have been challenged with our thinking with algebra in Numeracy too,  but are enjoying learning about it.




Crazy Costume Day!

We had a brilliant turn out for crazy costume day yesterday! Thank you to everyone who took part!!

Everyone who dressed up looked FANTASTIC! There were lots of pyjamas, onesies, and crazy ideas – odd shoes, socks on hands, crazy hairstyles and lots more! The P7 fundraising group were blown away with the craziness and creativity, they certainly had a tough job judging around the classes… well done to all the winners!

Here is a few snaps of the creative and crazy outfits.

P7b’s Robert Burns Lego Art

Congratulations to all Poetry recital winners! Hadyn was the winner from P7b! She clearly worked hard on learning the words to Robert Burns ‘To a Mouse’ and gave a confident and entertaining recital!

We have also completed our Robert Burns art – we turned Robert Burns into a Lego figure and used the graphic technique of pixilation as inspiration as we painted! We had to create different shades of colours, adding black, white and mixing colours together to make new ones. We took our time, and we are glad we did because the results look effective –  We think he looks pretty cool! Have a look at some!

Have a great holiday everyone!!


Learning this week in P7b!

This week we have been exploring poetry. We looked at some Scots language and tried to work out what different words might mean… some of them were quite tricky.

A few we learnt;

skoosh- fizzy drink, bonnie –  pretty/beautiful and breeks – trousers.

We have also been exploring poetic techniques and trying to work out the image/meaning that is being created.

We have creating some Robert Burns art with a twist. We have drawn Robert Burns as a Lego figure and are using the technique of pixelating to paint. They are starting to look pretty cool. We haven’t finished them yet, so will post some examples next week!