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Octavia Octopus

Hello nursery meet Octavia Octopus, I made this number ball game using 2 cardboard boxes and my paints. First I cut out 8 holes, did you know that an octopus has 8 arms, I wish I had 8 arms sometimes. I then chose which colours I wanted to use – pink for the octopus and blue for the spotty pattern. I then wrote numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 beside each arm – the numbers are your score when you get a ball into the hole. I used my dogs bouncy balls and some socks to throw and try and get into the holes. I played with my family and we had a competition to see who could get the highest score.

Can you make an Octopus ball game? Or maybe you can design another ocean creature maybe a shark or a starfish. Think about the colours to use, how many holes? What size do you make the holes – smaller holes make it more of a challenge. ( you may need help from a grown up to cut out the holes) Once you can throw the balls in stand back even further to make it harder. Please remember to share your photographs on Twitter.







Guess the animal sound

Nursery Archie made a lion with a very loud roar which gave me a good idea for a listening game. Click on the link and very carefully listen to the noises and see if you can identify the animal making that noise. Have your good listening ears ready.

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

Grrrrrrrrr ….. Good morning  Nursery ….. Things have gone wild or at least the animals have. Last week we talked about pets – this week we are going to think about wild animals.

We would like you to draw or paint a wild animal, it could be a real wild animal or you could make up your own animal. Think about what pattern it might  have – spots like a leopard, stripes like a tiger or zebra. What colour – golden yellow like a lion or different colours like a parrot. What size is it – small like a chameleon or tall like a giraffe – you may need a very big piece of paper.

Remember and take a photograph and share with us on the Twitter page. Go Wild.




Colourful countryside


Nursery on my walk this morning I set myself a colour challenge. I had to find as many things that were white. Can you see from my photographs that I found white flowers, a white feather, a white cat and a white butterfly. Do you think you and the other nursery ladies could join in with this challenge?  How many white things can you find ? Remember to take a photograph and post it on Twitter.

On Wednesday can you find things blue, Thursday green, Friday yellow,  Saturday brown and Sunday purple/pink.


Minibeast madness ….


Nursery this week’s theme is gardening and minibeasts. Can you design some minibeasts using paper and paint. Think about what colours to use and what pattern to use. Then when they are dry you can play matching and sorting games – sort them into spots or stripes or match the colours. You can also match and count the spots.
Another creative way to make minibeasts is to use stones. Collect some stones and add your pattern. Remember to share with us on the School Twitter page.