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An exciting week for P4a!

This week we had our Primary 4 Showcase of learning! We invited our adults in to see and hear about some of the things we have been doing and sang some Christmas songs for them. We hope you enjoyed it. 🙂

‘It was fan-tab-ulous!’ – Kasper

‘It was really fun.’ – Bruce

In Science, we made our own magical Harry Potter style sherbet. We loved tasting it with our lolly pops!

‘It tasted so sour!’ – Phoebe

We have continued reading our class novel of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone this week. We read all about Harry meeting Ron and Hermoine for the first time and the journey to Hogwarts.

‘It was magical!’ – Bobbi

In P.E we played a fun dance game, where each letter of the alphabet had a matching dance move. We had to make a routine using the letters of our name.

‘It was really funny.’ – Caiyden

Have a lovely weekend !

Learning in P4a this week!

This week in badminton we were trying to see how many times we could hit the  shuttle with the badminton racket without dropping it. We were also playing a badminton match.

In science we were making jelly to see what sort of things would affect the rate that jelly dissolves at.

On Monday we had another music workshop with Connor and Stewart. We were listening to songs and trying to keep the rhythm with our boomwhackers. We loved doing it to ‘We Will Rock You’.

In numeracy, some of us have been learning about halves and quarters. We were trying to write a fraction and match it to a picture.

For our Harry Potter IDL topic, we did some fun drama games. We created questions to ask key characters and we had to ask them to characters in role and respond in role. This was called hot seating and Caiyden was  a very convincing Dudley, Megan and Shye were a very scary Aunt Petunia and Hannah was a very knowledgeable Harry Potter!

‘I enjoyed being in the hot seat because I loved answering the questions!’ – Hannah

‘I liked being in the music workshop with Connor and Stewart!’ – Callan

Learning in Primary 4A this week!

This week in Science we finished off testing things to find out if they were soluble or not. Sand, oil, chalk and flour were all insoluble.

In P.E we were doing badminton with Miss Higgins on Monday and Mr Barrie today (Friday). We were thinking about our coordination, throwing and catching the shuttle and tried to beat primary 3’s score of throwing and catching 50 times.

“We managed 57!” – Kaira and Bobbi

We had another brilliant music workshop with Connor and Stewart. We were using ‘wands’ (boom whackers) to battle against another wizarding opponent. We were making a rhythm and the person we were battling had to repeat the rhythm we had made or else they would turn into a frog! We really had to listen and pay attention to one another.

“It was fantastic!” – Kasper

Today we have all dressed up in spotty clothes for Children in Need. We had a special assembly led by Mrs Dickson and we got to hear all about Children in Need and it was announced who had correctly guessed the bear’s birthday. Caiyden won a tube of smarties for having the best spotty outfit in primary 4. We hope to have raised lots of money!

Have a lovely weekend 🙂

Learning in P4a!

Last week in Primary 4a was very busy!

Our stimulus for our new interdisciplinary topic this term is Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. We have created co-operative team names and designed team shields.

This week in Science with Mr Hogben we were doing experiments to find out what would dissolve in water. Some soluble things that did dissolve were salt, sugar and coffee. We spoke about how this experiment was like making potions at Hogwarts!

‘It was brilliant!’ – Kamilla

On Thursday, we had a really fun music workshop. Connor and Stewart who are music students came to help us do some music that linked to Harry Potter. We were pretending to be trolls and had to act when the music changed. We also got a chance to write and perform our very own ‘potion songs’ using musical instruments that looked like wands called boom whackers.

‘I loved the wands!’ – Juan

We finally finished reading Matilda this week and were really surprised by the ending. Roald Dahl is great!

Learning in P4A


‘We carried on reading Matilda and we found out that Bruce Bogtrotter stole one chocolate cake from Miss Trunchbull. Miss Trunchbull forced him to eat another one and then smashed a china plate off of his head!’ – Kasper


‘We completed our self portraits that we started a few weeks ago. We had used mirrors to look at our faces whilst we drew them and we used coloured pencils and paint to complete them.’ – Kaira

‘ It was fun!’ – Caiyden

‘This week, we all really enjoyed creating our Christmas card designs. We chose from 3 designs and used paint, pencil, markers and coloured pens to create our cards. We can’t wait for you to see them!’ – Hannah and Bruce.


‘In science we enjoyed planning our board games that included magnets. We had to design the game using cardboard and other materials in the school. Our team names was BFM –  Big Friendly Magnets.’ – Phoebe

‘IT WAS A FUN WEEK!’ – Caiyden

We are all looking forward to a well deserved rest and lots of exciting things that are happening in our October holidays.