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Dressing up for Wold Book Day in our nursery

Celebrating World Book Week 2020 at nursery

We have been very busy in our nursery celebrating World book week. On Tuesday Nicky carried on Dance taster session, re creating the story ” Giraffes can’t dance” written by G.Andreae and G.Parker-Rees. The children went to the dance studio , and danced along to some African tunes.

On Wednesday Jackie P. took her group 5 to the woods. They found some tracks and found out that the woods were enchanted.Three little bears live there, but you have to be careful and watch out for a big bad wolf if you want to go down to the woods!

On Thursday all children dressed up for World Book Day and some brought their favourite books from home. They went on the cat walk to present themselves and spoke about their favourite characters.

Some children in the morning group made up their own stories and designed the characters .