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All about Dinosaurs!

Last week P1C decided they would like to learn all about dinosaurs for their child led topic in June. This week we transformed the classroom into Dinosaur Land and have really enjoyed learning about the different parts of a Dinosaur, what they are, where they are now and the names of different dinosaurs. We have had so much fun looking after the dinosaur eggs in the dinosaur tray and we really enjoyed doing dinosaur yoga!

In Numeracy we have been learning how to share a number of items equally and the boys and girls have enjoyed playing sharing games on the smart board. We also started exploring money and we have enjoyed playing in our class shop.

The boys and girls took part in a Judo taster session which was enjoyed by all. They were so responsible and demonstrated fantastic Judo skills throughout the session!

Well done to Sophia and Anna who received the values certificates in assembly this week! Great work girls!

P1C Update

Last week in P1C we continued to look after our little seeds and lots of our seeds have grown!

We also did lots of outdoor learning. First we went outside to practise writing our numbers and sounds using chalk. As we have been learning about ordinal numbers, we went outside and had a race to see who came in which position. Finally, we went on a scavenger hunt with Mr Stone to see if we could find various items including a cobweb, a leaf, a twig and lots of other things. We found everything on the list!

We learned all about the work of the artist Henri Rousseau and explored watercolour paints. We created our own rainforest themed watercolour art and added rainforest animals to our pictures.

During playtime we enjoyed playing with the building blocks, playing in the shop and playing in the water tray.



P1C Update

This week in P1C we have been learning how to skip count in 10 and we have been weighing different items to see which is heavier or lighter. We have really enjoyed planting our own seed and we can’t wait to see if something grows! In writing, we have been writing instructions on how to plant a seed.

P1C have been trying so hard to show different acts of kindness and each time we show an act of kindness we get to colour in a kindness heart. We have been working very hard for the last few months to colour in 100 kindness hearts and we managed to colour them all in this week!! Mrs Bonnar was so amazed that we have shown so many kind acts!

P1C Highlights:

  • I loved playing the different tig games for PE – Sophia and Finlay
  • I loved going outside to do PE in the sun! – Ash
  • I liked doing the teacher task this week – Grace
  • I liked planting the seed – Rikku and Gabe
  • I liked doing show and tell – Taylor
  • Trying to get the little marbles in the shaving foam – Campbell


P1C have been very busy over the last few weeks. In Maths we started learning how to skip count by 2 and 5. We also started learning how to measure using a range of different items. This week we went outside and used our feet to measure the length of the football net and we used cubes to measure different objects from our classroom.

In Music we have been working with Dave and we have really enjoyed using different instruments to tell sound stories. This week we used different instruments to make lion and mouse sounds!

Our new IDL topic this term is The Rainforest and we have been learning all about the different layers of the rainforest and which animals live there. We love pretending to be different animals in our little class rainforest!


Outdoor learning and rocket building

Primary 1C really enjoyed their outdoor learning session on Wednesday which was all about Space. They created a space station using a tent and pretended they were in Space. They experimented with water and air to launch a rocket into the sky! We never thought it would fly so high but it went all the way up to the trees! We thought of some fabulous words to describe Space which  included massive, colourful, dark and amazing.

We have almost finished creating our own rockets which we have made from recycled materials. The children have been so creative when designing and making their rockets. Here are some pictures of our rockets and our outdoor learning session.