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P5b’s First Week Back

P5 have returned to school ready to learn. We have started the term by thinking about our new IDL topic  Healthy Living.  We looked at what we thought made a person Healthy and created a list of suggestions and questions under two headings- Mental Health and Physical Health.

In Numeracy we all got really excited when we tried identifying a fraction of a shape and finding equivalent fractions, for the first time.


P5b Snow Day Challenge

Good morning,
I hope you are all having fun and staying safe in the snow!

If it is safe to do so and you have parents’ permission, build a shelter out of snow. Take some photographs and write a set of detailed instructions on how to build a snow shelter. You can use your pictures to help with your instructions.

Write a list or draw a picture  of all the items you would need, to survive in your snow shelter, if it was the only source of shelter you had.

Complete the story:- The snow kept falling, it had been three days of gales, wind and freezing temperatures. The apocalypse had begun…….

Remember to use good openers.

This week in P5b

This week in  Primary 5b we have been busy presenting the Christmas Show and preparing for the Showcase. We all had a different station in the showcase and were responsible for sharing our knowledge of WW2 with  all our parents, Grandparents and other visitors. We had so many positive comments and really enjoyed the WW2 Topic.  We would like to thank all carers and parents for their wonderful support all through the year.  We would like to wish everyone a happy holiday and a prosperous new year.

From P5b