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P5 Church visit

Confirmation of date and time of P5 Church visit.

The Church visit  is Thursday 14th November. We will leave the school at 1pm. If you are able to help with this visit please contact Mrs Samson or Miss Cornes .

Thank you and sorry for any confusion.

P5b’s WW2  Assembly is Thursday 21st November at 9am in the school Gym hall.

We look forward to seeing everybody there.

Best week in P5b

We have continued to read ‘There’s a boy in the Girl’s bathroom’ we are nearing the end of the story it is ‘funny’  ‘classic’ ‘exciting’ ‘mysterious’ ‘weird’ and ‘enjoyable’

In maths we have been learning about 3D shapes. We identified which nets made cubes.

In P.E we all tried the bleep test to find out how fit we are.

In music we have recorded us playing instruments and saying the lyrics. We might share this with all of you during our assembly.

Speak to you soon P5b

Sweet, sweet survival skills

Here are P5b learning how to survive in the wild. Although we are toasting marshmallows we found out all about three different types of fires. One was called the pyramid fire and you would use this to cook. The next one was called the Tepee fire you use this when the wood was damp and the third one was designed to burn when it was really windy. Oh by the way the marshmallows were really tasty.

By Leah & H