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Healthy Teeth


Keeping our teeth and gums healthy is very important. We need to brush our teeth properly twice a day and eat food that won’t damage our teeth. We can have treats sometimes (but not every day) and if we do, we need to give our teeth and gums an extra good clean.

Here is your Healthy Teeth Challenge!

Can you find out which drinks are Teeth-Friendly and which drinks are Teeth-Damaging?

You can leave your information to share with everyone on Twitter or in the Comments Box below.

Healthy Eating Activities

What are healthy foods and why are they healthy? Why are some foods not good for us? It can be difficult to make the right choices but if we do we will feel well and happy and have lots of energy too! Can you look at the food pictures above and tell us which is healthy and which is unhealthy?  You can give your answers in the Comments Box below or on Twitter.

One of our challenges this week is finding healthy things to eat beginning with different letters of the alphabet. Here is a book called ‘Eating the Alphabet Fruits and Vegetables from A to Z. We can hear the words and see them being signed too. There are some really unusual fruits and vegetables!!! I need to find out some facts about the ones I don’t know about…..and maybe taste them too!


We know how to play ‘I Spy With My Little Eye’ so here’s an idea to find out how many Healthy Foods you know.  I’ll go first…”I can taste with my little tongue something beginning with T”     The answer is not Tangerine or Tortellini…. it’s Tomato!

Your turn next……..



World Oceans Day 2020 8th June

It’s World Oceans day today! What does this mean and why is it important? Well, it’s a chance for us to learn about oceans and why we need to look after them and keep them clean and healthy.  Here is an interesting video to start us off……

The more ‘Did You Know’ facts we share with one another- the more we will know about the oceans in the world. Then we can take care of them and all the ocean’s living things.

Did you know …. nearly all of the planet Earth’s water is in the oceans?

Did you know….the oceans take away a lot of the bad stuff in the air we breathe and make our world a better place to live?

Did you know…..lots and lots and lots of people all over over the world get their good protein food  (like fish) from the oceans?

Did you know…. nearly half of the oceans in our world are being badly treated by people doing things like throwing away their rubbish in the wrong places and it ends up in the sea?

Did you know… one day, if people in the whole wide world do not stop letting rubbish end up in the sea, there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean?

Let’s do all we can to look after our oceans.


Monday 1st June 2020 Are You A Sun Safe Superstar?

Listen to the story about ‘George the Sun Safe SUPERSTAR!’ and then…… get ready for a challenge!!!!!

Can you answer these questions?

Let us know  if you can. Tell us on Twitter or in the Comments Box below.

1/  When the sun is at its hottest is your shadow longer or shorter than you?

2/ Where can you find shade when you are outdoors?

3/ Do you know what time the sun is at its hottest?

4/ Can you remember the 5  SSSSSs?

5/ Do you know the type of sunlight that is not good for our skin?

6/ What 2 parts of our body is it important to cover up in the sunshine?

7/ What can the sun do to our skin if we don’t protect it?

8/ What should you SLIP, SLOP and SLAP on your body when the sun is hot?