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Elephants Never Forget Memory Game Challenge

Play the Nursery Memory Game!

Elephants, like Elmer, never forget things because they practise using their memories….

You need to find a tray, a tea towel, someone to play with, 5 items e.g. pencil, toy car, lol toy, coin, button, toy animal, key, Lego brick- whatever you can find…

Put the things you’ve chosen on the tray. Now tell the other person that you are playing with to look at and remember what is there. Use the tea towel to cover everything and ask them to close their eyes (like at Nursery) Carefully take one thing away and hide it under the tea towel beside you. Ask the other person to open their eyes and try to guess what’s missing. Did they do it? Take turns to hide and guess.

Well done for playing the game! Make it more difficult by adding more things…….