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Get your Teddy Ready, it’s Picnic Time


Since we can’t be at nursery together we thought you might like to have a picnic with your family at home on Wednesday 24th June. The nursery team will be having their picnic and will share their photos with you on Twitter and here on the blog.


You will need to think about what you are going to eat at your picnic. The story ‘Alone in the Woods’ by Ian Beck is about Teddy Bears having a picnic in the woods and they have lots of lovely things to eat. What will you eat at your picnic at home?



Why not play some Teddy Counting games. Click the link to play the game.

Teddy Bear Counting

Or sing a song about Teddy Bears.

Whatever you decide to do for your Teddy Bears Picnic, don’t forget to post a photo on Twitter or comment here on the blog.

Have Fun everyone! Looking forward to seeing your fab photos or videos.

Ocean Fun


Listen to the story of Commotion in the Ocean to find out about the different sea creatures living in the ocean through poems and rhymes.

Maybe you could write an Ocean Story of your own. Be the author and the illustrator.


Play this game at home. We have played this before at nursery.

Top Marks underwater counting game

Or make your own game.


You will need:Two colours of paper, Scissors, Pen or pencil

Instructions to make the game.

1st. Cut out 10 circles in each colour.

2nd. Cut out two fish (one of each colour)

3rd. Write a start sign and a finish sign.

How to Play

1st -Put your start sign down.

2nd – Lay out your circles in two rows.

3rd -Put your finish sign down.

4th – Roll the dice and read the number pattern.

5th – Move your fish the correct amount of spaces.

6th – The first fish to reach the finish is the winner


Don’t forget to comment on Twitter or this blog.

Let us know what you find out.

Share your stories with us or if you managed to make the game let us see how you got on. Did you come 1st or 2nd?

Summer Sun, Summer Fun

Hello Nursery, we have been talking about the sunshine and how it is good for our bodies. We get the sunshine vitamin – Vitamin D from the sun. It helps keep our bones, teeth and muscles healthy. How does the sun make you feel? You could draw a picture of you in the sun and post it to Twitter.

We have also been hearing how to keep safe in the sun – what do we do to keep ourselves Sun Safe? Post your answers to Twitter.

Did you know that the sun also helps to warm up the soil on the ground which helps our plants to grow. Summer makes me think of sunflowers. Maybe you could make a sunflower picture using different shapes. Again, don’t forget to show us your creations.


Enjoy the story about the sunflower.