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Sports !!

Lots of great events kept us busy scoring points and having fun!


Wake Up Shake Up !! :)

whoo hoo abbie !!!
whoo hoo abbie !!!
Hi this is  Erin and nicole from the SPIE club and were going to tell you about wake up shake up. Wake up Shake up is a part of health week and all we do is excersising with dance and its really fun. You are very welcome to come to our Wake Up Shake Up!!!  ( please wear sutible clothing for exercising ! ) 🙂 feel free to bring somebody.
come on miss watson !!
come on miss watson !!



whoop whoop !!
whoop whoop !!

jump jump jump
jump jump jump

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Dear PTA

playground squad having fun
playground squad having fun
having  even more fun
having more fun

Dear PTA,



We are very thankful for giving us £1000 for the playground equipment. All the playground squads have been sorting through the amazing stuff we got and “testing” the equipment.  We have got things like space hoppers, basketball hoop.


 by Ben


Dear pinkie parents

We would like to thank you for your superb playground games you donated money towards!

We spent time sorting out all the games we could play with and we are very grateful for your generous donation. This is the first of many thanks to come!

Playground squad !

by sophia

Nativity this month

The upper school has been getting ready for the nativity. P4 is singing Who’s that knocking on the door,P4/5 is singing This Day ,P5 is singing Angle Conga , P5/6 The Children’s Carol, P6 is singing Song Of  The Trees . Check it Out. Everybody sings Have You Heard The Story Of Baboushka , Listen To The News and Baboushka.

Our nativity is coming up. The infants and the uppers. Everyone has been working so hard to learn their songs to make them sound good. Even the teachers are impressed with the progress the children are making. You all make the teachers proud. Thank you all for doing your best.

p5/6’s work

Hi I am Jamie from p5/6 and I am going to tell you what we have been doing in the past week. First we have been practicing for the Christmas play on the 17th of December for the parents yay!!

We also have been going around doing snack attack on Mondays and Fridays yes!!

Thanks for reading bye :):):):):):)