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P.1B Newsround

Last week we enjoyed our first football session (despite the cold!) and carried on with our Pirates topic, writing about all of the different parts of a pirate ship. We also spent time with our buddies talking about rights (things that we should have) and responsibilities (things that we should do to make sure we all have these rights). In Maths we started learning about data handling, and created a pictograph of our eye colour. We found that most of the class have blue eyes!


Our highlights of the week were:

We learned u and umbrella- Didi

We learned about being responsible- Keryn

We have been learning about left and right- Oscar

We learned about pirates- Mya

We painted our letters- Caleb

We did football! -All



P.1B Newsround

Last week we were drawing pictures (Ali), and playing in the water thing (Joshua). We built houses for the Three Little Pigs with sticks, paper, and spaghetti (Caleb, Didi and Michaela), and we learned about numbers (Harry). We were also being quiet in the library (Lily)! We were making butterflies at home on the tables in the class for symmetry (Skye), and we played in the castle (Michaela).

Thanks also to Imogen who told us about the time she met a beautiful owl!

Finally, well done to Brooke, Michaela and Harry who all received a certificate for completing their weekly Rainbow Tasks. Another busy week in P.1B!

P.1b Newsround

We had a busy week in P.1 last week, with lots of challenges being set by Sir Firebreath the Dragon! Not only did we create a new home for the Three Billy Goats Gruff but we also began designing our very own fairy-tale characters, and will write our own stories this week.

We were practising our new sounds ‘m’ and ‘r’, and were learning about symmetry in Maths (and even covered the playground with symmetrical patterns!). Here are our own highlights of the week:

“Painting, and we’ve been having snack”- Skye

“Playing in the castle, and the dough disco”- Mattie

“I liked drawing”- Millie

“Watching Mr Marshall do letters on the screen”- Oscar

“Playing with the play dough”- Brooke

“I liked it when we were drawing the fairy-tale character pictures”- Michaela

“Going to the library and the castle”- Caleb

“Drawing pictures”- Ali

“We were drawing the fairies and the dragons”- Didi

“Playing at the craft table”- Erin

“Playing in the castle with Millie”- Imogen

“Being kind to each other”- Joshua

“Playing at the craft table”- Harry

“I liked playing in the library”- Lily

“Making words”- Kian

“Being nice to the teacher”- Lucie

“Doing play in the castle and enjoying doing my jobs”- Lyle

“Going to the new library”- Keryn

Congratulations also to Lyle for earning the first Values Certificate in P.1 for being responsible. Lyle is always helpful at tidy-up time, and always remembers to put his name on his work. Lily and Kian were also the Star Writers, and Caleb, Harry and Brooke earned a certificate for completing their Rainbow Tasks.

P.1B Newsround

This week in P.1B we had a voicemail from Sir Firebreath the Dragon asking us to create a hairstyle for the fairytale character Rapunzel! We used spaghetti to create her golden locks and had lots of sticky fun.

We can’t wait to fin out what Sir Firebreath has in store for us next week!

P.3a Newsround

Last week we did tag rugby where you have to steal the belts from others and we had fun. We have also been working on our PLP targets. We have been doing our handwriting, and we also made skeletons out of KNEX in science. We saw the P/4 assembly and they convinced their parents to go out and do the Pinkie 15 after it! We also worked on our Team flags, and sorted our names. We also started doing our times tables in Numeracy, and started working on our Powerpoints in ICT.

This week we will be continuing to explore how we experience feelings and emotions, starting to look at weight as our next measurement focus, writing a set of instructions for our very own ‘marvellous medicines’ and continuing with our Powerpoint presentations.

Wider Achievement: Well done to Borys, who showed off his medals for Judo last week!

Reminders: Friday (26th May) is a ‘Dress Down’ day in exchange for items for the School Fair Tombola, and Monday (29th May) is School Sports Day.