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P.1A Learning Update

Although last week was a short one, P.1A were as busy as ever! It all began on Monday morning when we discovered some sparkly footprints on the classroom floor and quickly worked out that we had been paid a visit by the Gruffalo! We used the story as a stimulus to learn about the key features of recipes, and we even mixed up our own batch of Gruffalo crumble that Mr Marshall (may or may not have) enjoyed for his dessert. We also wrote our own recipes for our Big Writing focus and had not one but two star writers who did an amazing job.

We learned the sounds ‘n’ (for Nobby and his net) and ‘p’ (for pirate) and continued with our learning in numeracy- recognition, counting, ordering, and sequencing. We enjoyed our first live Assembly on Thursday and told the whole school about our class responsibility- to work on our listening skills and be able to show the rest of the school what ‘good listening’ looks like. Well done to the brave children who were able to explain this to all the other classes, and congratulations of course to our Values Champion- who has been a great helper at tidy up time and is always showing care for her classroom.

We also had fun on Thursday with the Loose Parts Play and produced lots of wonderful and imaginative creations as we enjoyed the sunshine.

A final ‘well done’ to one of the class who was very proud of the beautiful shapes he created with the Octons this week! #proudtobepinkie

P.1A’s Learning Update

P.1A had another busy week last week, with lots of fun learning and play happening inside and outside of the classroom.  ‘The Rainbow Fish’ was our next IDL focus as part of ‘Our Big Book Of Stories’ topic, and we created our own sparkly fish using collage:

These beautiful, unique fish will take pride of place in our ever-growing floorbook. We also used the story as a stimulus for our writing, and wrote about what makes each of us special.

We had lots of fun playing different phonological awareness games like Simon Says (listening), What’s Missing? (memory), I Hear With My Little Ear (rhyme), and a very tricky game in which we helped a seeker find an item through shaking a tambourine- louder for closer, quieter for further away. These are also games you can do easily at home.

We learned the sounds ‘t’ (for tower) and ‘i’ (for insect), continued to practise our number counting, ordering and recognition, and went on a 2D shape hunt around the whole school. We found lots of squares, circles and rectangles, but not so many triangles, pentagons or hexagons. In gym we also learned new games such as toilet/ tunnel tig and Red River.

Here are some highlights:

  • I liked the shape hunt
  • I enjoyed playing with the Octons (colourful building shapes)
  • I liked to play in the kitchen
  • I liked to make numbers
  • Playing at the doll’s house with my best friend

Congratulations to our Values Champion this week for demonstrating fantastic knowledge in literacy and numeracy, and for showing great care for his classroom and classmates!

P.1A’s Learning Update

Last week, P.1A were back up to full strength! It was so lovely to have all 21 of us together again. Our IDL topic focus was ‘The Tiger Who Came To Tea’ and we discussed what makes a healthy plate of food. We then made our own delicious plates for the tiger in case he returned! Here is some of us at work:

Of course we had to write a shopping list to make sure we had everything we needed, and this became our writing focus for the week.

We also learned the sounds ‘s’ (for snake) and ‘d’ (for dinosaur), continued practising our number recognition and counting, had fun continuing to practise our basic moves in P.E., and made some very tricky dinosaur jigsaws using 2D shapes.

Here are some highlights:

  • Playing with the Lego and building little houses
  • Playing with my friends
  • Playing with the cars
  • Listening to music at the listening station
  • Playing with my best buddy – playing in the kitchen

Finally, congratulations again to our Values Champion of the week, who has been setting an example for the rest of the class!