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P.3a Newsround

Last week we looked at maps and we made table top maps. We are still looking at poetry and we made a birthday poem. Here it is:


Loud fancy dancy music
Noisy crazy fun party
Huge tasty creamy cake
Lots of awesome pretty presents
Popping shiny colourful balloons

We looked at the temperature of water in science, and we learned about the boiling and freezing points (100 degrees and zero degrees). We started our French lessons and learned to count to 20.

Next week will be writing our own list poems, as well as performing our Scottish poems to the class. We will continue our work on Scottish inventors, and will be practising our basic addition strategies in Numeracy. Of course, we are also looking forward to the performance of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ on Thursday!

P.3a Newsround

Last week we started looking at poetry, and we started looking at Scottish inventors and inventions. In science with Mr Hogben we were predicting and measuring the temperature of water using thermometers, and in P.E. we started doing front rolls and back rolls and balancing with our partners. We also worked on finishing our targets for next term.

This week will be looking more closely at some significant Scottish inventions, and will be looking at some Scottish poetry. We will also be starting French lessons with Mrs Nikitik- très bien!


P.3a Newsround

As it is the last day of term, and the last school day of the year, P.3a have been reflecting on their last year at Pinkie and what they have enjoyed or found most memorable:

“I enjoyed making my lantern in art.” (Hannah)

“I enjoyed playing with Lego.” (Leo)

“I’ve really likes listening to James and the Giant Peach.” (Shye)

“I liked lines of symmetry.” (Charlie)

“I enjoyed watching Mr Stink.” (Tyler)

“I enjoyed doing the pictures of the poppies in art.” (Phoebe)

“I enjoyed reading Gorilla City.” (Kaira)

“I enjoyed the Christmas Party!” (Bliss)

“I enjoyed learning about forces in science.” (Sam)

“I liked using the cars in science for forces.” (Matti)

“I’ve enjoyed Walk A Mile.” (Liam)

“I’ve enjoyed Walk A Mile.” (Kieran)

“I’ve enjoyed doing art- especially the lanterns.” (Willow)

“I’ve enjoyed drawing the poppies in art.” (Bobbi)

“I enjoyed doing the dinosaur topic in P.2.” (Jasmin)

“I enjoyed science, and making toys.” (Borys)

“I liked everything in science.” (Alexandre)

“I enjoyed listening to all of the Christmas songs.” (Charlotte)

“I enjoyed having all the teachers supporting the class and doing the Diwali topic.” (Kasper)

“I liked the Christmas party!” (Kamilla)

“I enjoyed going to the soft play with Mr McManus.” (Caiyden)

“I enjoyed doing art with Ms Nikitik and making candles in class.” (Megan)

Merry Christmas to everyone, and we look forward to seeing you all again in 2017!

P.3a Newsround

Last week we learned about P.1s search for Santa’s missing reindeer, and everyone enjoyed dancing in the gym hall. We learned about Pascal’s Triangle and we all really enjoyed handwriting! We also learned about the Jewish festival of Hanukkah (celebrating the miracle of the oil that burned for 8 days), while the garden team fed the birds, picked out the ice to fill the bird bath, and made lavender bags.

This week we will be working hard on our Christmas performance as well as reviewing what we have learned this term and setting targets for next term through our Personal Learning Plan (PLP).

Please don’t forget that you are invited to our Christmas performance (‘A Traditional Christmas’) on Tuesday the 20th December at 10:30 (but be there for 10:15). Two adults can attend for each child.

We’ve got our tiny wee tree up and looking very sparkly, so thank you for all contributions!


P.3a Newsround

Last week started our country dancing P.E. block with Mr Barrie, in which many of the boys were showing impressive skills (according to the girls!). We continued to develop or describing skills, this time with the use a thesaurus, and we listened to the wonderful descriptions of Aunt Spiker and Aunt Sponge in our class novel James and the Giant Peach and drew what we imagined! We also helped Santa decide which toys to get his elves working on through our data-handling focus in Maths.  Out in the garden, some of the children helped Heather tidy the shed and got the opportunity to make fragrant lavender bags- lovely!

This week we will be looking at number and shape patterns, focussing on the story of Rama and Sita from Diwali celebrations, and further developing our knowledge of describing vocabulary through onomatopoeia. Another busy week!