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Learning in P.1A

There has been lots happening in P.1A over the last couple of weeks, with the whole school enjoying dressing up for World Book Day last week and getting active for Sport Relief this week.

Aside from working hard at our Literacy and Numeracy we learned about Edinburgh- Scotland’s capital city- and the Military Tattoo through our ‘Where We Live’ focus. We created some beautiful sunset silhouette paintings of Edinburgh and the castle and your can appreciate some of

them yourself!


This week we also worked out with the P.7s doing sports circuits, proving that exercise can be lots of fun! Here are some snaps:

We also enjoyed playing with some new stuff around the classroom, including our own Scottish Cafe! Anyone for a roll and haggis?

Here are some of our highlights from the last couple of weeks:

  • Everything- and I got a certificate at assembly!
  • Playing the cat game in gym
  • I liked playing the games on the laptop
  • I liked doing maths- doing number and learning what to do
  • Playing mums and dads and learning new sounds and writing so I can get better and better
  • I liked to play with the café
  • Playing mermaids
  • Playing in the kitchen with the food
  • Playing and drawing with my friends
  • Playing at the sand and the and the library and the radio

Last week’s learning in P.1A

It was a short but busy (and exciting!) week for P.1A, as we carried home from Assembly not only the Wonderful Walking caterpillar but also Peter Bear for being the best dressed class!

Beyond our regular maths and literacy learning we also started thinking about types of transportation as part of our ‘Where We Live’ topic. We discussed different modes and means of transport that we had experienced, and did a sorting activity to show our understanding. We then did some fantastic writing about a journey we had taken and described what it was like.

We also had fun in gym playing games like ‘dirty laundry’ and ‘Bens and Glens’ with P.1C. Here are our highlights:

  • I liked reading in the library
  • Drawing fairies and everything. And writing
  • Playing and drawing
  • Gym- playing the socks game!
  • Everything- playing in the sand

Last week’s learning in P.1A

P.1A were busy last week learning some new literacy skills- finding and using WOW words and rewriting sentences with finger spaces- and they put these to great use with our first ever Big Writing lesson on Friday! There was some great independent work, especially from Rhomey who earned an Achieving sticker from Mrs Bonnar for her super effort.

We continued with our ‘Where We Live’ topic and even tried our hand at drawing our own maps (which was very tricky!). We also learned a new Scottish dance in P.E. and got together with our buddies on Friday to paint some spectacular Scottish scenery with watercolours.

Here are our highlights:

  • I liked writing about Katie Morag- Eva
  • I loved playing with the sand, and making sandcastles and doing maths- Ethan
  • Everything. Writing about Katie Morag- Rhomey
  • Playing with Rhomey, Parker, Kailyn and April, playing mums and dads. And I liked writing. And I liked Rhomey’s pictures when she drew them too- Olivia
  • I’ve enjoyed playing with my puppy, and being in the library- Ben