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Learning in P4a

Here is what we have been learning in P4a this week. We would love to hear your feedback so please leave a comment on the post and we can read it when we come to school!

‘We have been writing about a haunted house we were using adjectives to help us describe the house’ Finlay
‘We learned about the purpose of a thesaurus and used it to find the adjectives and find alternative words’ Phoenix

‘In numeracy we have been rounding to the nearest 10’ Liam
‘We have been using numberlines to jump and help us reach the answer’ Robbie

Health and Wellbeing
‘In health and wellbeing we have been learning about Big Deal Little Deal’ Taylor
‘We started HWB wheels which show different scenarios and decided if they were a big deal or a little deal’ Amy

‘We were learning about solids, liquids and gases and we made molecules out of playdoh’ Kyle
‘The solids are tightly packed together and there is no space to move so they keep their shape’ Kayla

P4A – Term 1

Wow! What a quick term!

We have been working really hard in P4a and learning lots of new things every day.

Our interdisciplinary topic this term has been all about heroes and villains. In LITERACY we created our own superhero/super villain character. We have been writing comic strips and newspaper articles based on our class novel. In TECHNOLOGIES we designed a superhero cape using different materials which would be a good match for our characters. We then used our capes in SCIENCE where we attached them to our superhero vehicles and used wind power to make them move!

We hope you enjoy watching the video of our learning….watch this space as we have some big ideas for Term 2!

All gym kits and gym shoes have been put in school bags for a wash and a size check, please make sure they come back to school after our holiday.

Have a wonderful holiday and remember….swimming kits the first day back for Group 1 (Tuesday 23rd October)

Miss Smillie

Learning in P4B

‘We have been continuing with our reading comprehension tasks and my one was about a Haunted House as a play script’ Liam

‘In outdoor learning we have been learning about measurement and we had to estimate a metre with our feet and then measure it with a metre stick’ Eva

‘In science we have been learning about volume/capacity. We had to measure different amounts using a selection of tools such as beakers. cylinders and syringes’ Nicole

‘We been learning about non – fiction books. Some features of these books are bold headings, index, illustrations and contents pages.’ Caitlin E

‘With Mr Stone, I was seeing what could boil 5ml of water the fastest’ Corin

Learning in P4B

‘In Maths we were measuring and focussing on length. We will look at weight and volume in the next few weeks. I learned that there are 100cm in 1m’ Connor P.

‘ In science we used scales to begin to explore weighing. We were using thermometers to measure temperature. We were using different tools to measure that we hadn’t used before. We got to measure our heads and fingers’ Ethan, Neve, Harry + Lucy A.

‘In numeracy we were doing multiplying numbers by 10 and 100’ Lucie M.

‘In Maths, we had to complete a 2D shape making sure it was symmetrical and then tried to draw it in our jotters without help’ Liam

‘We have started a new class novel called Kensuke’s Kingdom. We have finished chapter 1. I think it’s going to be an adventure story!’ Connor M.

P4B – Snow Day Challenge!

Good morning,

I hope you are all having great fun and staying safe in the snow!!

Below is a link where you can track the gritters and snow ploughs working hard to keep our roads as safe as possible! If you look closely, you will see that all of the gritters have funny names!

– Gritty Gritty Bang Bang
– Sir Salter Scott etc.

Can you come up with some funny names of your own?

Snow prizes for the best ones!

Have the best day and make lots of snow men and snow angels but remember to keep cosy!

Miss Smillie