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Learning P4A + Rugby

P4 are expecting rugby sessions starting next week – Wednesday. Please make sure P.E kits are brought to school along with a filled water bottle. Keep your eyes peeled for photos 🙂

Some of our wonderful learning this week!

‘I got a certificate this week being responsible and I am really happy’ Ciaran

‘We started learning about data handling in maths. We created our own bar charts and chose our own surveys. We all completed a bar chart on walk to school week. We have been working on our mental maths as well’ Taylor

‘For a little change, we have been doing circle time straight after lunch each day. It ties in with mental health week and we have been talking about what we like about ourselves and other people. We also helped plan our topic. Mariyah

‘In P.E we have been working on golf – putting, chipping and Mr McDonald made us a golf course’ Finlay

‘In P.E, we had a quick hand standing competition, Mr McDonald won!’ Faith

Have a lovely LONG weekend! 🙂

P4A update

We have had a very busy week in P4A!

The children have worked so very hard on some assessments and have all tried their best to show our school values while doing so – a nurturing, achieving, respectful, resilient and responsible classroom. Well Done to all for their hard work. A well deserved break this weekend!

‘This week we have been doing Reading, Writing and Numeracy assessments and showing off everything we have learned!’ Kayla

‘This week in assembly we were the STAR CLASS and we won the Hugo pillow (Mrs Bonnar’s dog)! It is also my birthday this weekend!’ Rocky

‘We have been learning how to play golf in P.E and also some athletics’ Keegan

‘We were learning about the digestive system in science. We made our own type of digestive system using orange juice, bananas, crackers, water and a sock’ Taylor

Have a lovely weekend everyone 🙂

Our hopes for Term 4…

It is the final term of Primary 4 and we have been thinking about what we hope to achieve this term.

‘I hope my Mary Queen of Scots assessment is good’ – Amy
‘I am looking forward to starting our new topic of the oceans’ – Faith
‘I really hope I finish a task I have started’ – Karla
‘I hope to keep improving on my maths and numeracy’ – Mariyah
‘I hope to explore more about the plastic in the ocean’ – Keegan
‘I hope to be a better uncle’ – Ciaran
‘ I hope there is going to be a Pinkie’s Got Talent this term and I hope we can visit the seaside’ – Taylor

‘I hope to keep working hard on my handwriting’ – Nathan

‘I hope that in our new topic that we learn lots about plastic in the oceans and I hope we can stop the pollution’ Kayla

‘I hope I learn to tie my laces’ – Liam

‘I hope we can stop pollution in the oceans’ – Robbie

‘I hope I can create a Minecraft world on google docs’ – Phoenix

‘I hope we can do outdoor learning in the nice weather’ – Chanelle

‘I hope I can do more things on google classroom’ – Frank

‘ I hope we can do more word problems in numeracy and maths’ – Finlay

‘ I hope I can play more football’ – Danny

‘ I am looking forward to our new topic’ – Kyle

‘I hope that if we ever go to the seaside we don’t see a shark’ – Alexandra
‘I hope I learn my 4 times table’ – Leah
‘ I hope to do well in P.E’ – Ruby

P4A – A note from Miss Smillie

What a fantastic day P4 had on our school visit to Edinburgh Castle and Holyrood Palace.
I am so very proud of each and every one of you…you were an absolute credit to our school – #proudtobepinkie

You had compliments from tourists at the castle about your behaviour and engagement, you walked sensibly down the Royal Mile (even photo – bombing the bag pipe player!) and you answered all questions at the palace and showed off your knowledge and understanding of Mary Queen of Scots.

You have learned so much and it was an absolute pleasure taking you out for the day. Check out our Google Classrooms for personal comments from the children.

Have a wonderful holiday, stay safe and I will see you all in term 4 🙂

P4A – Our trip so far….

‘We have been up at Edinburgh castle and we saw the crown jewels’ – Kyle

‘We are having fun’ – Karla

‘We visited the prison and saw rats and mouldy food’ – Nathan

‘We are at Holyrood Palce and we are having lunch’ – Danny

‘We are having a tour of Holyrood Palace’ – Amy

‘We have met a new puppet rat to help us learn’ – Phoenix

Pictures to follow