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Learning in P4B

‘In gymnastics we have been working on different stations. My favourite station is the bars and I’m getting better and better’ Leah D

‘In maths, we were learning about 2D and 3D shapes and Miss Walton was picking people to show their learning. I was chosen and picked the flat circle card and put it on 2D’ Lucy A

‘We were finding out who invented the TV. John Logie Baird invented it and he was Scottish’ Zahara

‘In numeracy, we were doing times table challenges and I bet my score. There are 40 questions of multiplication and division and we are trying to complete it in 5 minutes’ Rebecca

‘In numeracy we were looking at fractions. The special word was ‘equivalent’ and it means the same as…6/12 is the same as 1/2. There is also the numerator and denominator’ Eli

Have a good weekend 🙂

Learning in P4B

‘In science we had to build a tower out of paper. It was tricky because it kept falling down but we had a growth mindset. The school value it demonstrated was resilient.’ Kai

‘We went outside for outdoor learning with Miss Walton and Mr Stone. We needed a fire but we kept a safe distance away from it.’ Matthew

‘We were doing our Rabbie Burns poem. Our poem is called ‘Up in the Morning Early” Zahara

‘My group and I were building a tower out of paper and ours was the tallest. It was about 80cm tall’ Aimee

‘We were creating mythical creatures using Harry Potter as a theme. We had to illustrate and write all about it.’ Nicole

Please remember we have our Beauty and the Beast Panto on Thursday afternoon 🙂

Learning in P4B

‘We have gone out to the woods at the school and collected sticks for our showcase on Tuesday – we have turned them into magical wands’ Leah C

‘We have been painting characters from Harry Potter. My team, Team Voldemort created the character Hagrid’ Lewis

‘We have been making our own shields and we also created bigger shields for the houses of Hogwarts’ Rebecca

‘We were word building with playdough, hamma beads, magnetic boards and pasta shapes’ Caitlin E.

‘In outdoor learning we were creating bridges out of yellow boxes and wooden planks. We were also trying to get the ball past some tubes we were holding and eventually we bet our score’ Eli

Learning in P4B

This week we have been continuing our learning with Harry Potter and have related it to our work in science – creating potions using dissolving, have jelly races and looking at a ‘magical snake’ appearing from the fire.

‘We needed sand and a blowtorch to make a snake rise from the fire with Mr Hogben’ Thomas

‘We were drawing a picture of Harry Potter using the description from the book. He has messy hair, broken glasses and a scar’ Kai

‘ We have been looking at scripts. The person who tells the story is the narrator. I got a certificate for my reading’ Ethan

‘ We have continued grid references with bibs with numbers and letters. I learned how to use a grid reference and we had races to reach a point outside.’ Eli

‘ We have been doing some more music with Conor and Stewart and we have been learning some Scottish Country Dancing with Mr Barrie’ Megan