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P4A News and Learning

What a brilliant first week back after our holidays! P4A have settled back into our routine and are excited for the learning that is to come.
Here are some comments from the children all about our learning about our favourite lessons this week…

‘My favourite lesson this week was our ‘Think, Puzzle, Explore’ where we were planning our new topic which is Mary Queen of Scots. The topic sounds really interesting and I have lots of questions i’d like to find out the answers!’ – Kayla

‘My favourite lesson this week was P.E because it was gymnastics and it was fun. The skills are balancing, rotation and jumping. The best station was the climbing ropes and bars.’ Faith

‘A lesson we found tricky this week was learning our Scottish poem. It is called The Sair Finger’ and it is tricky speaking Scots!’ – Ciaran

‘My favourite lesson this week was numeracy. We were learning to add and subtract money using chimney sums’ – Brooke

Please check school bags for Panto letters.
P.E is on Mondays and Tuesdays so please remember gym kit.
Outdoor learning will be happening on a Thursday afternoon – please bring appropriate clothing and footwear as we will be out in most weathers!

Miss Smillie

Learning in P4A

Some comments from the children this week….

‘ I have been learning about a really special composer. His name is Beethoven. He composed classical music.’ Ciaran

‘ We have been writing and our new picture was called Sky Ladder. We used SICK SENTENCES to help improve our writing.’ Fraser

‘ I have been learning about Germany and I made a German flag. We also made a German stall.’ Leah

‘ I have been learning about money in maths and I have been learning about the decimal point. We have been adding money in different ways.’ Keegan

Reminder – Clothes for Christmas show (if not already in class) should be brought into school on Monday!
Our Christmas performance is on Tuesday at 1.30 – after our show we are inviting you up to the classroom to enjoy a French café and also look at some of our learning.

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Smillie and P4A

Learning in P4A

Here are some comments from the children in P4A about learning this week…

‘This week we started our new writing called ‘Flying High’ and one of the challenges was to come up with an alternative title’ Kayla and Finlay

‘We have been learning about money. We learned that there were £1 notes and also why we have new £1 coins’ Liam

‘We have been learning about French Landmarks. I made a factfile on the Notre Dame and it is famous for it’s gargoyles’ Chanelle

‘ This week we have been practising our line for the Christmas show. I brought in a £1 note, 5 dollars and 3 notes from Poland to show the class’ Frank

Please could you all check the children’s schoolbags as swimming lesson letters and vouchers have been sent home as well as information on our Christmas show.

Lots of comments welcome, thank you for leaving messages on our last post!

Miss Smillie and P4A

Learning in P4A

‘We have been learning about food and drinks in French and we have been making menus for our French café!’ Brooke

Keep your eyes peeled for a special invite coming soon

‘We have been using cheerios in numeracy to make multiplication arrays’ Danny

‘We have been learning about Claude Monet and his art work. We made our own water lillies with oil pastelles and tissue paper’ Karla

‘Our writing this week was based on a picture called The Lonely Road about an old lady’ Ruby

‘Our writing helped us to understand ‘respecting your elders’ and we thought about how we could help the elderly in our own lives.’ Keegan

Please leave a comment so we can check them in the classroom 🙂

Enjoy the weekend!

Miss Smillie and P4A

Learning in P4a

Here is what we have been learning in P4a this week. We would love to hear your feedback so please leave a comment on the post and we can read it when we come to school!

‘We have been writing about a haunted house we were using adjectives to help us describe the house’ Finlay
‘We learned about the purpose of a thesaurus and used it to find the adjectives and find alternative words’ Phoenix

‘In numeracy we have been rounding to the nearest 10’ Liam
‘We have been using numberlines to jump and help us reach the answer’ Robbie

Health and Wellbeing
‘In health and wellbeing we have been learning about Big Deal Little Deal’ Taylor
‘We started HWB wheels which show different scenarios and decided if they were a big deal or a little deal’ Amy

‘We were learning about solids, liquids and gases and we made molecules out of playdoh’ Kyle
‘The solids are tightly packed together and there is no space to move so they keep their shape’ Kayla